Water-Malone (DIY E-liquid Recipe)

Water-malone (LIve Mixing: SUMMERTIME RECIPES)


Excellent Sweet Watermelon Vape Made for LIVE MIXING: Summertime Vapes -> http://diyordievaping.com/2017/07/05/water-malone-diy-e-liquid-recipe/


CAP Double Apple     4%CAP Super Sweet     0.5%FLV Watermelon     3%FLV Wild Melon     1%TPA Dragonfruit     2%

Total Flavor: 10.5%

This recipe was developed on the spot on LIVE MIXING: Summertime Vapes, as seen in the video above. It was based around the watermelon recipes I've developed in the past, using apple to accentuate the texture of the watermelon, as well as using flavorings other than watermelon to create an authentic taste. What came out was one of my favorite, and most accurate, recipes I've developed in my opinion. The recipe has a delicious sweet watermelon flavor, reminiscent of the deep red center of the watermelon rather than the center. And it goes after a more "real" watermelon flavor, that packs the vivid and saturation of a candy watermelon flavor. Because the texture of the apple, mixed with the accents of the candied watermelon, and infusing the juiciness of the dragonfruit, you  have Water-Malone. 

Flavor Notes:

FLV Watermelon: The backbone of the recipe. This is a watermelon flavoring that meets the expected candy flavor I was looking for. Now instead of using this as the main, or top note, it's basically added to drive the other bends toward the profile I want. In other words, instead of trying to bend this watermelon flavoring to fit the taste I want, I can use this flavoring to drive the bending of the accents that you'll see below. Almost like a nail driver, it sets the nails in place, but doesn't drive them down, the hammer drives them down. In the case of this recipe, the hammer's are the Dragonfruit and the Apple. Speaking on the concentration, you need enough for the flavor to come through, so settling at 3% is fine. In any other situation, this might be a bit too high, but because we need it to drive the bends, it's just enough. You can probably use more if you want a more fragrant recipe.

CAP Double Apple: This adds the texture to the mix and the main component of the authenticity. Watermelon's texture is that of an apple, or a pear. In fact, in my opinion, the texture is one of the most alluring aspects of watermelon. So just using its top note and fragrance isn't enough to really make watermelon authentic. CAP Double Apple at 4% allows you to gain some of that texture, and bring some of the apple's soft-sweetness into the mix to help harness the fragrance of the watermelon. 

TFA Dragonfruit: Dragonfruit adds some more of that "wetness" that comes with a true watermelon. If you think about it, Watermelon is one of the most juicy fruits on the face of the planet. Every bite just leaks from its pulp. And the dragonfruit is a fruit that closely resembles the watermelon. They share the same fragrance, and in mixing that's really what matters. Going back to driving the bend, bending this to taste more like watermelon is co-opted by the apple, and the FLV Watermelon. And 2% is more than enough to gain its benefits. 

FLV Wild Melon: This flavoring is added to give some more "tropicality" to the recipe as well as try to replicate some "green" from the rind. Rind is important because it makes the fruit distinctive. It's not necessary, and in some ways can be damaging, but if done right it does add an extra dimension of authenticity. Now in this recipe, it doesn't represent the rind too much because I wanted a more "deep center red" flavor. If you wanted more authenticity, go with FLV or CAP Cucumber. Here, it's just an accent and an insignificant (albeit distinctive) at 1%.



  1. I would buy a lot of members, 3% of the FLV 30 ml of 0.9 seasoning needed? I tried a lot of recipes are mute. Why is this?

  2. I’d suggest you rewrite your question. It’s unclear, no offense, but in order to get assistance, your problems have to be fully understood. It’s worth the trouble !

  3. FLV Water Mellon: Diacetyl?????? Wayne, how can you promote this flavor? Can any other water mellon be used as a substitute?

  4. Damn!.. this is just soo good.
    i cant get enough of this, completely vaping me ass off
    this is my first diy recipe instead of commercial liquid.. and if this is the flavor explosion i can expect every time.. im sold

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