Weekend Assignment: Watermelon


Watermelon is a difficult recipe profile. It’s got a very unique flavor profile that’s easy to identify, but in terms of accuracy to the original profile, misses the mark often. To me there’s watermelon the fruit, and watermelon the flavor. The fruit is a sweet, juicy, watery, with the texture of a pear or apple that is extremely refreshing. The flavoring is artificial, fragrant, and candied, and borders more of a bubblegum than it does a refreshing fruit.

The Assignment

Craft up your best watermelon recipes. They can be a play on the watermelon flavoring that we all know, infusing it into your fruit cocktails or candies. Or it can be a play on the actual fruit itself, trying to reach an accurate depiction of the source. Whatever it is you do, use some kind of watermelon in your recipe and post a link to the recipe down below with a little description of how and why you chose the flavorings you did. I love to see mixers think outside the box and challenge themselves, but feel free to play it safe in order to get the best recipe you think you can make. On Live Mixing¬†on Friday July 7th, I will feature everyone’s recipe on the show.

My Recipe Example

Water-malone (LIve Mixing: SUMMERTIME RECIPES)


Excellent Sweet Watermelon Vape Made for LIVE MIXING: Summertime Vapes -> http://diyordievaping.com/2017/07/05/water-malone-diy-e-liquid-recipe/


CAP Double Apple     4%CAP Super Sweet     0.5%FLV Watermelon     3%FLV Wild Melon     1%TPA Dragonfruit     2%

Total Flavor: 10.5%

In this recipe I tried to go after accuracy to the source. I don’t think watermelon flavorings alone can reach the authenticity of the flavor alone, so I added a few flavorings I think are needed to boost the top note and body of the flavor profile. FLV Watermelon sits as the glue to the recipe, really just adding that unique profile that comes with watermelon flavorings. CAP Double Apple is the secret, giving the watermelon vape the texture that is present in a real watermelon fruit. TFA dragon fruit adds the juiciness as well as the sweetness that comes with the profile. And the INW Wild Melon is basically meant to push all the flavors forward, but also adds a bit to the “rind” of the fruit.



  1. I have 2 other watermelon recipes but I wanted to come up with something new and out of the box. My wife and I came up with little ditty. We used the pear to bridge the gap between the watermelon and the peach both are prevalent and make a nice flavor but also you can definitely taste each individually. The creams come in on the back….. http://e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe/1562486/Melon%20Nectar

  2. This is a very good melon/peach mix that’s kissed with a touch of blackberry just to add a bit of depth. For a simple mix, this is full flavored and very refreshing for a summer day. Full details in the recipe description… enjoy!

  3. Did 10 versions and this may have been the worst after a shake. It really surprised me after steeping. Light citrus tobacco with slight sweetness and the watermelon sits underneath throughout the vape. Great if you want to get away from the really sweet mixes. Also, this is my first published recipe, I started DIY’ing in April. I noticed it tasted great on my Peerless dual clapton .56 ohm, but not so much on my Hadaly clapton .95 ohm. Is that strictly from the build or a reflection of the mix?

  4. This a tribute to the song, Old Dogs, Children. and Watermelon Wine, written and recorded by Tom T Hall.

    “Ain’t but three things in this world that’s worth a solitary dime,
    But old dogs and children and watermelon wine.”
    “Old dogs care about you even when you make mistakes;
    God bless little children while they’re still too young to hate.”

    He doesn’t go on in the lyrics to tell you why watermelon wine is worth a solitary dime. My thoughts, since this is a southern song, We grow watermelons in the south, at least we did when I was a kid, And if it were made into a wine, well damn! That would be worth a solitary dime.
    I bought some wine over the 4th that had Watermelon in it as well as strawberry.. Needless to say, all I tasted was alcohol, it was cheap wine. Iam now on a quest for a good quality Watermelon Wine!
    So, I created my version,
    1% (RF) Strawberry SC -I used Strawberry to add to help boost the flavor of the watermelon.
    2% (RF) Watermelon SC-In my opinion, this is an authentic watermelon. I have seen mixed opinions on this
    2% (FA) Wine Champagne at 2% this will add a a wine cooler effect
    .25% (CAP) Super Sweet optional, but I found at this percentage, it really enhanced the entire recipe.

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