Weekend Assignment: Blue


Color is a unique variable to use for flavor and aroma. One of my favorite scenes in a movie is in Dumb and Dumberer, when Lloyd sees a smoothie machine and exclaims “Wow! They have my two favorite flavors. Grape and Green!”. Of course green is not a flavor but indeed a color. But easily, I knew what flavor he was talking about. Green Apple. I currently have Kocanda, a painter and excellent mixer, working on a research article expanding on color and how it can affect the palate. Basically looking at a painting, full with a spectrum of colors, and to develop a recipe from it to find out if this is a viable way to create a recipe. And I want to extend the same type of challenge to you. Color is what makes up the “flavor” of our images. Whatever we look at we can understand the basic premise of what it is, but the color of the things we see determines its “flavor” or subtle nuances that differentiate itself from other objects. For example, there are two different rooms. One room is black and white, while the other is full of deep reds and earth tones. The “flavor” of each room is dependent on its color and both rooms have completely different vibes. Even though they are exactly the same room. With flavor, I want to see how far we can go with that narrative. And in this weekend assignment I want to go after the color BLUE. 

The Assignment

I want you to create a recipe that best defines the color BLUE to you. There is no wrong answer here, there is only your creativity and your interpretation of what this color means to you in terms of aroma. Are you able to create a recipe that makes someone who vapes it say “wow this tastes like Blue”? Are you able to create a recipe using only blue colored flavorings? Make sure to post your recipe at the bottom of the page in the comment section so I can bring them up during Live Mixing next week and we can go over everyone’s assignment. 


Below is my recipe that I developed. To me there’s an inherent “sadness” in the color blue but on the same wavelength a tranquil and easy feeling. The color blue both holds two ends of the emotional spectrum and I wanted to see if there was a way to not only capture the essence of the color blue, but that emotional wavelength as well.


A recipe that tastes and feels like the color blue
Recipe created for WEEKEND ASSIGNMENT: BLUE ->


If you’d like to have your recipe featured on LiveMixing, every Friday at 5:30pm est, make sure to leave a comment below with a link to your recipe. During LiveMixing, I will dedicate an entire section to going over the weekend assignment recipes and showcasing the creators who participated in it as well as critique and analyze their work.


    • Referring to my “Does This Taste Like Blue” Recipe I commented in

      I’m still fairly new to DIY’ing (since October 2016) and this was a recipe I just kind of thought of on the spot, so not sure how well it steeps. But I’m always willing to learn and take on new ideas. So no hard feelings lol.

  1. okay, so to me BLUE is all encompassing and filling. If its cool, it’s arctic cool, if its sad its heart sadness BLUE. Envision Veronica from Willy Wonka….that’s blue. this recipe seems to be very busy and maybe you will say too busy, but it works. my partner who will not do blue anything, loves this juice. When i vape it, its all BLUE. if anyone tries this, let me know if you, too, get the BLUE. Anyway, have fun with this one. i am not a master mixer, in fact i’m fairly new, and, I LOVE every aspect of DIY!!! Thanks Wayne……

  2. https://alltheflavors.com/recipes/52347#bubble_blues_by_annathiika

    This began as attempt at a blueberry candy, but there is something distinctly gummy about the mixture of Shisha Bilberry and Grape. I wanted to add the artificial-ness without killing the blueberry flavor so I chose fruits one might find in a “punch” blend like the Pear and Apple. It tasted a bit flat at that point so I added some Quince to liven the mix a tad and the Almond, Brown Sugar and Bavarian Cream seem out of place, but they do much in bringing mouthfeel, sweetness and complexity to the flavor without having to add straight sweeteners. I think it may be possible to substitute the almond and brown sugar with something like Torrone, but I havent tried it yet. One thing I noticed that was interesting to me is how the flavor of gum has an instant salivary effect, and it occurs when tasting this mix. Enjoy!

  3. What does Blue taste like? Not an easy question to answer. In fact, impossible to answer. We live in a sensory world that limits us to only see color. However, just because our gustation and olfaction can not sense color doesn’t mean it don’t exist. For instance, color has wavelengths, just as sound has wavelengths. We have auditory sensors (ears)to pick up these wavelengths. Our brain processes these signals and tells us that it is music, or what ever. Different colors could also give off a certain sound. If we had a receptor to pick up these “color sounds” what would they sound like? What if we had sensory organs to taste the wavelengths of color? What would color taste like? Well, we will probably never know but, we can imagine.
    Blue Ice. My take on what the color BLUE tastes like. I imagine blue has a frosty feel(FA Polar Blast). Like a clear blue sky on a chilly Fall morning. Blue, I imagine, would be linear in taste as it’s a primary color, which means, you can’t take 2 or more colors to make blue. Blue is just blue! It would not be sour or bitter like green, but mildly sweet(TPA Raspberry) and dense in texture(FLV Grape).
    With all of this conjecture of “What Blue Tastes Like”, everyone will have their own opinion. But, it is an interesting experiment that will challenge all mixers. Enjoy. :)
    Blue Ice
    FLV Grape 3%
    TPA Raspberry(Sweet) 1%
    FA Polar Blast 0.25%

  4. Weekend Assignment: 6/25/2017 BLUE When I think of Blue, I think of Joni Mitchell’s album, Blue, that was released in 1971. That was the year I was born. This has been one of my favorite albums since the ’90’s. If I am ‘blue’, Joni can always pick me up. In her lyrics of the song Blue:
    Well there’re so many sinking
    Now you’ve got to keep thinking
    You can make it thru these waves
    Acid, booze, and ass
    Needles, guns, and grass
    Lots of laughs
    Lots of laughs
    Everybody’s saying that hell’s the hippest way to go well
    I don’t think so, but I’m
    Gonna take a look around it though Blue
    I love you
    Here in this recipe, I have emulated the time of and Album (acid, booze, and ass). This is a Blue Lemonade with some some coolness added with Blue Ice (Acid), fizz of pink champagne( booze), and the Whipped Cream (ass, use your imagination), adds a bit of creaminess and sweetness.
    The Hippest Way to Go
    1 (FW) Blue Ice
    3 (TPA) Blueberry Candy (pg)
    4 (LA) Lemonade
    3 (FW) Pink Champagne
    1 (FW) Whipped Cream

  5. That Blue flavor was elusive for the longest time. By chance and a bit of luck in my earlier days of DIY e-liquid I made something I called True Blue. I logged in in on ELR today after I saw this post and decided to share it.

    * Some may look at this and say that 1% Inw Marula is too high but I assure you here it is not and it works very well at 1% in this recipe,


    If you make this, you will taste and understand why I call this True Blue.

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