Suicide Bunny: Derailed REMIX by TheJuiceFairy #REMIXMONTH

Derailed Remix (Suicide Bunny) by TheJuiceFairy

TFA Banana Cream 5%
FW Butterscotch 0.5%
CAP Cinnamon Danish Swirl 3%
TFA Meringue 2%
TFA Rice Crunchies 0.5%
TFA Vanilla Custard 5%
STEEP Long 2 Wks





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  1. So I mixed this recipe up, and the only flaw I see with this, and I kind of predicted it all along, but wanted to give Juice Fairy the benefit of the doubt is: 0.50% Butterscotch from Flavor West, generally Flavor West flavorings are very weak so you’re literally going to experience zero effect here. A better recommendation would be lower the Banana Cream to 3% and up the Butterscotch to 2.50% even then you’ll probably not even notice the Butterscotch granted, I get it… You’re trying to clone Derailed, it’s just Butterscotch at 0.50% is literally going to do nothing.. A better sub would be Brown Sugar Extra or something else. Anyway, good try either way.

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