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This recipe was part of the research article Beer Vapes. Click the link to view the full development notes. Here's an excerpt of the article.

To recap, the key players here are HS Beer (Bitter, yeasty, dark, effervescent, DRY) and FLV Lovage (WET, earthy, vegetal, smooth); if you’re going for a darker beer I highly recommend getting RF Molasses (Dark, sweet, thick, tasty). I did try champagne (too watery/boozy, didn’t compliment the flavor), FLV Beer Nuts (way different than what we’re going for here), and FA Joy (yeast aspect was nice but it was making it too dry and kinda weird). If I had to categorize this vape, I would lean it more toward ‘Earth’ than I would ‘Beverage/Cocktail.’


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CheebaSteeba is an integral member of the DIYorDIE Reasearch Team as well as the host of the podcast NOTED.

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