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The first I want to state is that a mixer that goes by GWANDREI put up his recipe on the DIYorDIE Mixer's Collective before this one. He claimed it was damn close, so I immediately mixed it up. And unsurprisingly, IT WAS! Gary did an excellent job of nailing the profile down and getting almost 90% of the way there. I felt there were some aspects of the flavor that was lacking, and that some of the concentrations were a bit off, but he did most of the work on this recipe. So naturally, I can only say this recipe was based and inspired by Gary's, and if you enjoy it feel free to check out more of Gary's work. 

Hawaiian POG Remix [#REMIXMOTNH]


Naked: Hawaiian POG Remix Inspired by Gary Wandrei's recipe https://alltheflavors.com/recipes/48703#hawaiian_pog_remix_by_gwandrei


CAP Juicy Orange     4%CAP Super Sweet     0.5%CAP Sweet Guava     6%CAP Sweet Tangerine     2%FA Passion (passionfruit)     2%TPA Dragonfruit     0.5%

Total Flavor: 15%


FA Passionfruit: This is the main note in the recipe. It's the flavor that takes almost all the attention. It has a very delicious and juicy fragrance about it and works beautifully in this mix. I like it at 2% in this recipe because it brings out all the flavor it carries and sits a top many of the other fruits in the mix. I initially tried at 1% and it was just too low. 

CAP Juicy Orange: This is the star of the recipe. In my opinion, Naked's version relies on the deliciously juicy orange that is present in the flavor to bring everything together. It's the glue of the recipe, adds the body, adds the tartness, and adds a lot of the sweetness. In Gary's recipe I felt the orange as lacking just a bit too much. The original juice has a sharp and cloying sweetness about it that stems from a large amount of orange in the recipe. I wanted to recreate that, but not bring about the negative effects. 4% mixed with the other orange does the trick. 

CAP Sweet Tangerine: This flavoring is strictly to add some extra boost to the Juicy Orange. It's a lighter flavor that is only barely present, but helps push the Juicy Orange to a spot I enjoy. 

CAP Sweet Guava: And this is the foundation of the recipe. It adds the candiness to the mix and gives everything that tropical feeling. It's very prominent in the original, so I went with 6% to pretty much fill the entire bottom of the flavor with Guava. Any less and the flavor seems like it's a bit too weak. 6% is just enough to add some juicy guava mouthfeel to your mix. 

TFA Dragonfruit: This is meant to take some of the edge off of the orange and Passionfruit, while also adding a touch more juiciness and body to the mix. 

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  1. Is there any replacement for sweet guava? Or any other flavor I can combine with sweet guava? I started mixing and realized I’m running out of SG. I can get up to 3% SG.

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