Wanderlust – Lime-Apple Crumbs Remix by MCFLY #REMIXMONTH

Wanderlust Remix


So this is the first stop on trying to clone one of my favorite juices. Its not quite 100% there yet, but it's definitely close and a very good vape. I love that it straddles the line of being a bakery, but also a crisp refreshing flavor. Works well as a shake and vape, but the Apple really comes out in 3-5 days. The lemon-lime and lime tahiti pair nicely to compliment the fuji and create a very nice top note that's extremely bright and refreshing. Normally I use sugar cookie at a higher percentage because, well.......it's sugar cookie. One of the best and most versatile flavors around. It's here just to boost inherent sweetness and add a bit of graininess. The graham cracker and sugar cookie the base of the crumb note and is boosted by the liquid amber. I'm almost positive that amber isn't in the original, but it works so well getting the profile where it needs to be. Lastly a dash of meringue is used to round out the harsh edges and work as a bridge. Hope you enjoy! Steep Time: 5-7 days, but can work as a shake&vape if you're in a pinch.


CAP Lemon Lime     1.5%CAP Sugar Cookie     1%FA Apple Fuji     1.5%FA Lime Tahity Cold Pressed     0.75%FA Liquid Amber     0.5%FA Meringue     0.5%TPA Graham Cracker Clear     1.5%

Total Flavor: 7.25%











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