Indentifying Layers & Their Flavorings [#REMIXMONTH]

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The Breakdown

So we’ve covered one of the most important aspects of remixing or cloning recipes, and that is identifying the defining characteristic of an eliquid. Identifying whatever makes that specific e-liquid unique compared to the others in the same profile or genre will allow you to stay true to the original source, but also infuse your creativity into the mix without losing the heart of the recipe. The next step towards creating an accurate and authentic recipe based on a source, is breaking down the e-liquid. This is done by testing, or vaping, the e-liquid, and doing your best to break the flavor down into as many parts as you can taste. Most eliquids will have one or two dimensions, but some have three or four. Some may even have more (though it’s unlikely). Breaking the e-liquid down into multiple layers will help you tremendously when it comes to finding out what flavorings make up the original recipe.


In the video I use Dinner Lady’s Lemon Tart as an example. Upon vaping it, I can easily taste 3 layers that make up the e-liquid. I can taste a top layer, body layer, as well as a bottom layer. You may only taste two, you may only taste one, but nevertheless you want to note how many dimensions you feel reside within the e-liquid. Once I’ve broken down the eliquid into multiple parts, I can now do my best to pin-point what flavors make up those specific layers. To me in Lemon Tart, I taste the lemon making up the top note, it’s the flavor profile that takes my attention. The body I taste somewhat of a creamy flavor, almost like a meringue. This makes up the majority of the space between the top and the bottom. And speaking of the bottom I taste the cookie, graham, or pie crust flavor. These layers and flavors are easy to identify in this mix, because of how contrasting the layers are. But like in the video, some mixes are much more difficult. Naked’s Hawaiian POG is much more difficult to pin-point because it’s harder to identify what flavorings make up what layers. Some recipe will surely be more difficult than others, but that’s always part of the fun.


One thing I stress in the video is note-taking. The more notes you take on your flavorings the easier it will be to identify what flavorings make up what layers. When I go and test a a flavor, marking down if it is a top or bottom note will drastically speed up this process of identification. I will be able to quickly refer back to my notes to see which Orange flavorings I’ve tested have a vibrant body flavor, which I can then use in identifying which Orange may be used in the body of Hawaiian POG. What note-taking also does is increase the connection between the mind and the palate. That connection is vital to being able to effectively identify what’s going on when you taste or vape something. The more notes you take and the more experience you gain will only make that connection stronger.


Lastly is the blueprinting phase. I’ve talked about Blueprinting before, so if you’re unaware it basically means writing down the recipe before you mix it. This is where you will lay down your layers as well as the flavorings you think make them up, but this time in conjunction with eachother within a recipe. If you’re going for accuracy, it’s always best to blueprint multiple recipes in order to cast the largest net and hopefully nail the profile within one of those mixes. It may take a long time before you’re even remotely close to the e-liquid you want to remix, but it’s always worth it in the end when you have that recipe and you know you’ll never have to pay full price for you ADV ever again.

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