Testing E-liquids for #REMIXMONTH

In the video above I go through the testing phase of each of these remixes. This is NOT the final recipe or even a close estimate. This is just the record of exactly the flavors and flavor profiles I taste when vaping them. I take each flavoring, drip, then analyse the flavors and nuances through the vape. I test them on both a high wattage device and my trusty tight airflow hadaly. I then break what I taste down into as many layers as I taste. Usually a top and bottom, but sometimes a body. Then I go through and put in what flavor profiles belong to what layer. After that, I try to attribute them to physical flavoring. So what you will see below is the breakdown of each eliquid, the layers I think are involved, the flavor profiles I taste, and the flavorings that make up those flavor profiles. This is in no way a definitive answer to the clone, just an understanding of the recipe.


BFB – Straight outta the Toaster




Pie Crust -TFA Pie Crust // Bakery – TFA Butter

Cassadaga Eliquids – Cannoli Be One


Sweet Vanilla – Vienna Cream // Milky Cream


Biscuit- INW Biscuit / FA Apple Pie

Bakery – CAP Cinnamon Danish Swirl


Cinnamon – FA Catalan Cream

Butter – CAP Butter Cream

9 South – CK Squared


Lemon / Lime / Orange – X



Rice Crispy – TFA Rice Crunchies


Milk – TFA Malted Milk / TFA Dairy

Marshmallow – TFA Marshmallow

Cosmic Fog – Milk and Honey


Honey – TFA Banana Fosters

Banana – TFA Banana Cream


Peanut Butter – TFA Peanut Butter

Marshmallow: TFA Marshmallow / TFA Toasted Marshmallow

Milk – TFA Malted Milk

Cuttwood – Boss Reserve


Banana – TFA Banana Cream / CAP Banana


Light Dairy

Caramel – TFA Caramel Candy / CAP Caramel / TFA Brown Sugar*


Graham Cracker – CAP Graham Cracker

Nut Cluster* – TFA Toasted Almond / FW Hazelnut

Jam Monster


Blueberry – TFA Blueberry Wild

CAP Blueberry Jam


Butter – TFA Butter

Toast – TFA Pie Crust

Naked – Hawaiian POG


Guava – FLV Guava / TFA Guava /FA Guava

Dragonfruit – TFA Dragonfruit


Orange – FA Orange / FA Mandarin / CAP Juicy Orange


Passionfruit – FA Passionfruit

Honeysuckle – TFA Honeysuckle


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  1. Hey Wayne,
    Last year when Naked Came out with Hawaiian POG I liked it so well that I tried remixing it. After several attempts, I ended up with a suitable and solid remix. To me it’s not exact but it did turn out to be an excellent alternative and I never bought another bottle of it after I made this mix. Here is the recipe and I kept it private until sharing it today. I hope this gives some input for your remix on this e-liquid.


    Beaufort Batches

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