Weekend Assignment: Banana Desserts

The Banana Dessert

Banana’s are a fruit unlike any other. It’s creamy and velvety body, paired up with its light yet fragrant fruit top note create something out of this world. Honestly, it’s a shame that Banana’s are becoming endangered and their prices rising. But in vaping we’ll be able to enjoy the delicious flavor of this divine fruit for years and years to come. This Weekend Assignment is based around, not just the banana itself, but the amazing desserts and bakeries that use this fruit in their profiles. Such as Banana’s Fosters, Banana Splits, Banana Bread, and so on and so forth. In mixing, the blending of banana into your recipes has become somewhat of a stress test. It’s difficult to perfectly layer in the banana. And with #REMIXMONTH being here, only a handful of e-liquids have managed to do this correctly.

Profile Breakdown:

The Banana: This part is often looked at as the easy part of the recipe. But in reality, it’s often the most difficult. Not only is finding the right banana to use within your recipes is difficult, but finding the right concentration to use it at has proven to be quite stressing. The banana’s fragrant flavor rules out many flavorings, as they are just too strong. I personally find TFA Banana Cream as one of the bananas that do it right, due to its softer fragrance and thicker body.  Others like TFA Ripe Banana have a great fruit flavor, but are difficult to blend being how potent their aromas. I would love to see recipes with banana’s that are laid in where you can taste the banana flavor, but it doesn’t encroach on the flavors of the other ingredients.

The Dessert: Now you can go in so many different areas here, it’s up to you and your creativity to figure out what dessert best accentuates the banana. But that’s the part that you shouldn’t forget. Accentuate the fruit, don’t try to mask it. And of course, that’s where the difficulty comes in. Finding what bakeries, desserts, candies, or creams, push the banana further without it being too much and without covering its flavor. And by the way, don’t forget to pick up TFA Banana Bread just because its so delicious.

So go out there and see what you can come up with. Don’t forget to post any recipes, flavor notes, or research down below in the comments for everyone to benefit from. I look forward to seeing what you all can come up with over this weekend. And when we come back next week, we’ll be jumping into Cuttwoods Boss Reserve, a banana/caramel/nut recipe.



  1. One of my very first diy recipes its about 2.5 years old. I was going for a banana cream pie. I can probly go back and do a remix but this recipe seems to work. I know the Tpa chesscake graham crust is high but the recipe is formulated to be a 80/20 max vg mix.

    4% Fw banana
    8% Tpa cheesecake graham cracker
    2% Dx Bavarian cream
    4% Caps Sweet Cream
    2% Caps custard V2

    Quick Notes:

  2. A simple recipe but one I keep going back to. I Mix it max vg for maximum creaminess

    Fa Banana 3%
    Graham cracker clear 3%
    Cap vanilla custard v1 5%

    I like the interplay between the banana and the graham cracker up front, with a decent custard in the background to enrich the banana and provide the base for the other two to float in

  3. One of my favorite mixes. Created it for my wife cuz she loves Banana liquids and it turned into one of my ADV. Only minor is the steeping time. It needs a month to get to it’s full potential.

    1% Banana (FLV)
    5% Banana Nut Bread (TPA)
    1% Bano Banana (FA)
    2% Bavarian Cream (TPA)
    2% Meringue (FA)
    .5 Torrone (FA)
    4% Vanilla Custard V (CAP)
    2,5% Vanilla Whipped Cream (CAP)

    I like to mix it Max VG

  4. Moon Shot! A Banana Moon Pie! This is for Wayne’s weekend assignment….Banana Desert recipe. Tastes just like it’s supposed to. INW Biscuit and TPA Pie Crust works well to give it a nice flaky but somewhat cookie-like flavor. TPA Marshmallow is sandwiched in between and creates a nice fluffy feel. The TPA Banana, TPA Banana Cream, and LA Cream Cheese Icing works great for that hard banana icing that surrounds everything. This recipe has it all, full textured mouth-feel, fluffy marshmallow, and sweet banana icing.
    Shake and Vape. Enjoy :) folkart

    1% TPA Banana
    1% TPA Banana Cream
    1.5% INW Biscuit
    2% LA Cream Cheese Icing
    2% TPA Marshmallow
    1.5% TPA Pie Crust
    .25% CAP Super Sweet

  5. Hey Wayne, this is my take on a peanut butter and banana sandwich. I have vapid over 700mls of this mix. It’s a smooth peanut butter with a light banana taste. And just a touch of bread. Mixed with a 75vg. And a 2 day steep. Enjoy!

    TFA – Peanut Butter – 6.5%
    Fw – Bavarian Cream -1%
    Fw -Graham Cracker – 1%
    Fw – Hazelnut – 2%
    TFA – Caramel Original – 2%
    TFA – Banana Cream – 3%
    TFA – Banana Nut Bread – 3.5%
    TFA – Sweetener – 2%
    TFA – EM – 1%

    22% Total flavor

  6. A simple base for a fried banana treat.

    (TPA) Banana Cream – 3.5%
    (FA) Meringue – 1%
    (TPA) Strawberry (ripe) – 2%
    (TPA) Vanilla Bean Ice Cream – 4%
    (FW) White Chocolate – 1.5%

    TFA Banana cream / FW white chocolate – these two combine to create a sugary cooked banana flavour.

    This creates an effect like the natural caramelisation of the sugars in the banana when fried.
    Needs a couple of days for this effect to blossom.

    VBIC/Meringue – the ice cream base. Meringue adds some nice additional sweetness and texture.

    Strawberry Ripe – contributes a jammy quality to the cooked banana and is also used in place of sweetener.

    I could see some caramels or nuts (almond, peanut butter, walnut) as well as spices like cinnamon being nice additions to the base.

  7. 1.25% FA Banana
    1.75% TFA Banana Cream
    3% TFA Cheesecake (GC)
    3.0 TFA Strawberry Ripe
    0.5% INW Shisha Strawberry
    1.5% CAP Vanilla Whipped Cream
    0.5% FA Cocoa
    0.25% CAP Super Sweet

    It was tricky trying to balance this recipe but I think I’ve done it justice. I wanted to keep the banana the main focus and build some gentle bakeries around it. I get a soft, ripe banana and a little graham on the inhale, the strawberry cream on the exhale with a hint of chocolate dusting right at the back. S & V
    Let me know if you think it’s good; or shit ?

  8. I decided to put something together based on the profile Wayne listed of Boss Reserve “Banana/Caramel/Nut dessert”. I never had the original, this was made strictly to these terms over this weekend, and after a few tries this turned out really good. It’s a nice Banana custard pie style dessert with a creamy caramel sauce accented with shaved toasted almonds. The caramel note sits on the top with the banana cream here, and a light toasted almond and whipped cream on the back. This could easily support the addition of a crust so feel free to work one in. I only tested it on a 24hr steep which was good, but a solid 5-7 days will really bring the banana and cream base together and calm the sharpness of the caramel.
    Banana Dessert
    5% Banana Cream (TFA)
    1.5% Caramel (original)(TFA)
    .75% Toasted Almond (TFA)
    .5% Caramel (FLV)
    1% Fresh Cream (FA)
    2% Vanilla Custard V1 (CAP)
    1.5% Vanilla Whipped Cream (CAP)
    .25% Super Sweet (optional)

  9. Hmmm… Banana Desserts… let me google that… as soon as I typed banana “d” Banana Daiquiri populated… that could be a fun recipe. So I reviewed a number of drink recipes and here is my interpretation of the:

    Banana Daiquiri
    TFA Banana Cream 4%
    HS Banana 1%
    FA Jamaican Rum 1.5%
    FA Coconut 1%
    TFA Coconut Candy .5%
    INW Pineapple 1%
    TFA Orange Cream .5%
    FA Lime Tahiti 10% dilution .5%
    INW Cherries .5%
    FLV Frosting 1%
    CAP Super Sweet 1%

    Most of the recipe is self explanatory. The pineapple, orange cream, and cherries are an attempt to replicate the liqueur triple sec that is in a daiquiri. The FLV Frosting is for that sugar note in the recipe.

    Like any cocktail- mix to taste. Want more rum, bump it up to 2-2.5%… want more citrus notes, increase lime or orange.

    Thanks for all the teaching and inspiration Wayne!

  10. Smoking Monkey Fart
    This is a great after dinner dessert vape. Creamy flambéed bananas with a touch of tobacco.
    I used Monkey Fart by Flavor West and accentuated the banana flavor with Banana Cream. The Ry4 Double adds a nice caramel with a slight hint of smooth woody tobacco. Brown sugar and toasted marshmallow with biscuit helps to round out the flambé effect of the banana. Cream fresh with the cream in Banana cream helps to round out the cream taste.

    * Would be good with a vanilla bean ice cream, or add a Rum.
    TPA Banana Cream .5%
    INW Biscuit .5%
    TPA Brown Sugar 1.5%
    FA Cream Fresh 1%
    FW Monkey Fart 5%
    TPA Ry4 Double 4%
    TPA Toasted Marshmallow 1%
    I recommend a 3 day steep at least.

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