What Are We Remixing? #REMIXMONTH

What Eliquids Are We REMIXING?

Remix Month has been going great so far. Already we've tackled a few recipes, just getting our feet wet. Really what DIYorDIE has been doing is explaining the processes of Cloning and how this sort of recipe development takes much time and determination. The last video on Moo Eliquids Vanilla Almond Milk, we talked about how important that "defining characteristic" of an eliquids is vital to the success of our clones. Without finding what makes a specific eliquid "tick", it will be extremely difficult to try and create an accurate representation of the original source. But we've now passed that point and are almost on our way to tackling some eliquids. The video above goes over the poll that was done on the FB Group, in which YOU decided on which eliquids we should try and tackle this month. Below is the list. 

The 10 Remixes

  • Cosmic Fog: Milk and Honey
  • Cuttwood: Boss Reserve
  • Naked - Hawaiian POG
  • Jam Monster - Blueberry
  • Kite in Cloud- Lenola Cream¬†
  • Five Pawns: Gambit
  • Philip Rocke: Creme De La Creme
  • BFB: Straight Out of the Toaster
  • Kilo: Cereal Milk (Or 9 South Cereal Killa)
  • Chubby: Bubble Purp (Or something else)


  1. remix month is the best christmas present i could of asked for wayne!
    i have am really close to a milk and honey clone if you would like any input, i believe the description of this juice is a complete lie on their website!!!

    TFA banana nut bread 2%
    TFA gingerbread cookie 1%
    TFA peanut butter 1%
    TFA vanilla swirl 2%
    FW sweetener 0.5%

    the banana disapears in 7 days which is perfect. this was very close but missing a little more spice-note, a mild sour note (milk or even lemon?), and something that tastes like caramel, but not a maple-syrupy caramel. (could be that gingerbread cookie is much higher, maybe it has caramel notes). i do not think CAP vanilla custard is in there, but maybe 2% TFA bavarian.

    thank you soooo much man!

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