Moo Eliquids: Vanilla Almond Milk [REMIX] #REMIXMONTH

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Original Flavor Profile:

First things first, what does this eliquid taste like? Well I’m going to be frank here, but I am not the biggest fan of this stuff. I can easily say I do not taste anything that resembles a Vanilla Almond Milk. I get an overwhelming CAP Vanilla Custard flavor from this, at quite a high percentage, which is then followed by a light toasted almond note. But it doesn’t seem either flavor profiles come together. Everything is muted and muddied, and there’s a slight chemical off note that I get from the eliquid, most likely due to the bad use of custard. No body or dimension either which is a shame. I’ve tested this in both my Hadaly and Goon/CSMNT rda’s to make sure I covered all airflow ground. Maybe it’s just not for me, but I give it a very low 2/10 with the only saving grace being that it isn’t harsh or hard to vape, and that I do taste vanilla and almond in the lightest sense of the words.

Moo Milk: Moo E-liquids Vanilla Almond Milk [#REMIXMONTH]


A Remix for Moo Eliquids: Vanilla Almond Milk Development Notes ->


CAP French Vanilla     1%FA Almond     0.5%FA Butterscotch     0.5%OOO Cream Milky Undertone PG     2.5%TPA Toasted Almond     0.5%

Total Flavor: 5%

Flavor Notes:

CAP French Vanilla: So one thing I enjoy about Almond Milk is how silky and velvety the texture is. Anyone who’s had the beverage knows it’s quite thick. I need to replicate this with a flavoring that isn’t going to be overpowering on the other ingredients in the mix. In my opinion CAP French Vanilla is the best choice, though if you want to mimic what Moo Eliquids is doing I recommend CAP Vanilla Custard at 4%. In here I’m using French Vanilla at a low 1% Just to bring some of that rich vanilla in, as well as that defining character of the original.

TFA Toasted Almond: This is also the other part of the recipe that defines the flavor from Moo Eliquids. Unfortunately, in the original the flavor is squandered beneath some intense muddling. In this recipe we can use it at either 0.5% for a light toasted almond flavor, or bump a little higher if you want a more pronounced flavor. I just want a touch.

FA Almond: This ingredient is to add a bit more of that fatty almond flavor. It’s not meant to be very strong, but will absolutely add some of the quintessential almond flavor to the creams. I suspect this is the Almond Moo is using. At 0.5% that’s all you need for its fatty almond flavor.

OOO Creamy Undertone: This is the body of the mix. I want a Milk flavor, where the vanilla acts as the accent. This is in contrast to the original where the vanilla itself acted as the milk. A mistake in my opinion. This flavoring is a flat milk flavor, without any bells and whistles, but when combined with French Vanilla creates the perfect Vanilla Milk. 2.5% is enough to bring those qualities out without bringing any off-notes

FA Butterscotch: This flavoring adds some extra sweetness and turns the recipe a bit more deep. It’s the flavoring that ties everything together and acts as a great bridge between the almond and milks. 0.5% is plenty for this need.


  1. Hi Wayne, i’m a monthly subscriber from Italy. Unfortunately there’s no importer in europe for Cream Milky Undertone PG 000 flavour. Do you have an idea about a substitute?
    Thanks alot for your work and…
    p.s. I just mixed rhodonyte: unbelieveble!

  2. Hi Alessio!
    I am from Austria and here it is also very hard to find flavors from USA/England.
    You can order all of them at (inclusive Cream Milky Undertone PG 000)
    Hope this helps!

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