Flavor Talk: FW Blueberry + Blue Yogi Recipe (DIY E-liquid Recipes)

One of FW's Best

In this video I talk about FW Blueberry. Easily one of Flavor West's best flavorings. It's a delicious candied and artificial blueberry flavoring that reminds me a lot like those Blueberry Tootsie Pops or the filling inside a Blueberry Poptart. The video above showcases this flavoring in its best use, which is in simple recipes with other simple and linear flavorings. One of the downsides of FW Blueberry is its linearity and one-dimensional flavor, but this just means its a more simple ingredient that makes developing recipes for it, much easier. 

Check out the FW Blueberry Flavor Book Entry Here

Above is the link to the FULL flavoring analysis of FW Blueberry. If you want to see its exact flavor profile, its recommended pairings and percentages, as well as its vapeing experience, follow the link. Below is the recipe used to showcase the ingredient in the video. If you enjoy the recipe feel free to click the MIX button, scroll down, and leave your feedback in the comments. 

FW Blueberry [Blue Yogi] (Flavor Book Entry Recipe)


For FW Blueberry Flavor Book Entry Click here for full notes -> http://diyordievaping.com/2017/05/31/fw-blueberry/


CAP Super Sweet     0.5%FW Blueberry     6%FW Sweet Cream     1%FW Vanilla Bean Ice Cream     4%TPA Meringue     0.5%

Total Flavor: 12%



FW Blueberry: Obviously the main profile and the star of the show in this recipe. If you look at the entire recipe, you'll see how simple the mix is. One blueberry as the main fruit, a couple creams and dairies, and that's it. Like mentioned in the FlavorBook entry, this flavoring works best in these types of situations. FW Blueberry carries itself throughout the entirety of the recipe with no problems, but usually only when used at 6-7%, like in this recipe. It's all you need in a simple "go-gurt" style fruit yogurt, and any complexities added will clash or distract from the delicious sweetness of this ingredient. 

FW Vanilla Bean Ice Cream / TFA Meringue: The question I know you're all wondering is why FW's Vanilla Bean rather than the much more popular TFA VBIC? Well, simply put, it's better in this type of situation. TFA's has somewhat of a richer and deeper vanilla flavor to it. We don't want that with this recipe because we don't want to clash against the FW Blueberry. FW's is sweeter, a bit lighter, and much softer in terms of flavor. They compliment eachother very well. The Meringue is used at 0.5% specifically to give a more authentic dairy flavor. This is a staple in DIY mixing, and the same rule applies in this recipe. It does also pair deliciously with Blueberry. 

FW Sweet Cream: This ingredient is here to help give that "yogurt" mouthfeel. 1% is the perfect concentration for this ingredient, as it gives you a touch of its sweet milky flavor, along with its thick and velvety body. Perfect for this scenario. Any higher and there is somewhat of a cheesy flavor, which we do not want. Unfortunately, the addition of this ingredient will drastically increase the steep time needed for this recipe. 

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