Noted: Ep. 1 – The First Flavor Notes Show

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This Will Be Fun

So today we add a new podcast to the InTheMix Vaping Podcast Network. This show is NOTED, hosted by CheebaSteeba, ID10-T, and mlNikon. Three of the world’s best mixers, together, for a show to help you understand more about your DIY E-liquid endeavors. This show is an hour long segment focusing on flavor notes, flavor reviews, DIY E-liquid Recipes & recipe reviews, and some more deeper DIY topics. It will also be tied in to /r/DIY_Ejuice’s Flavor of the Week, in order to help engage with you all. This first episode, Cheeba and ID10-T sit with Skiddlz (mlNikon is away for the first few shows due to vacation).  Check it out, and if you enjoy the show be sure to leave a like on the video and share with any of your friends.



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