Flavor Talk: Lemon


Lemon is a profile that EVERY mixer needs to add to their repertoires. Even if you don't like the flavor of lemon. It's one of the most versatile ingredients out there, and the amount of awesome qualities it can add to your recipes is immense. All while being a fun and exciting flavor on its own. The video above is a LIVE Flavor Talk that will help you understand the Lemon profile, the flavorings I think do the best job at their respective genres, and a simple lemon meringue pie recipe that showcases how to use a lemon as a main profile, as well as an accent.

Lemon Meringue Pie [Flavor Talk]


This recipe was made in the FLAVOR TALK: LEMON video https://diyordievaping.com/2017/05/25/flavor-talk-lemon/


CAP Lemon Meringue Pie     8%CAP Super Sweet     0.5%FLV Vanilla Pudding     0.5%FA Cookie     0.5%FA Lemon Sicily     1%TPA Graham Cracker Clear     1%

Total Flavor: 11.5%


FA Lemon Sicily: This flavoring is one of my go-to lemon flavorings. It has such a deliciously bright and sweet lemon flavor that packs both great authenticity and candied artificialness. Using this ingredient at 0.5 - 1% is great for a lemon accent, or bump up to 4-5% for a bright lemon main profile flavor. But don't limit yourself as the entire spectrum of concentration can suit your needs. 

CAP Juicy Lemon: This flavoring is much like FA Lemon Sicily, but in my opinion is a bit sweeter and a bit lighter. It tastes as if someone took a real lemon, squeezed it, and added some simple syrup to the mix. Not necessarily a "lemonade", but closely resembles it. It's very light though, and its flavor gets lost in heavier mixes. At 3-5% this ingredient can help add a lemon note to very light fruits and desserts or as some help in a lemonade, but not much else after that due to its weak potency. 

FE Lemon: This is a delicious and very authentic lemon flavoring that has a very vivid backend and long lemon-like legs. This ingredient is like taking an entire lemon, rind and all, and squeezing that down into a mix and adding a touch of white sugar. Great anywhere from 1 - 4% as both either a main note or accent. I tend to use this flavoring if I need a vivid and authentic lemon flavor, either for a main profile or pairing. 

JF Lemon Juicy: This ingredient reminds me much of CAP Juicy Lemon and FA Lemon Sicily combined. It's a lighter lemon flavoring that packs a sweet candy lemon flavor. It's quite a simple lemon flavor that's very pleasing to the palate, without much tartness or sourness. 1 - 5% seems to hold the key to this ingredient, though don't be afraid to go higher if you need some more flavor in linear and simple recipes. 

CAP Lemon Meringue Pie: This is the most different of the others. It's exactly what you expect, a nice sweet and candy lemon top note, with a creamy meringue body, and textured graham cracker bottom note. One thing I find impressive about this ingredient is how well this flavoring portrays all those layers within itself. If you want to use this as a main profile, I suggest 6-10%. But it's also great as a creamy lemon accent when you need a lemon flavor that doesn't hold any kind of "watery" properties. This makes it useful in the genre of profiles opposite of the others on the list. 

And there are tons of other lemons out there. It's one of the most popular flavor profiles done in mixing, so the world is your oyster. There are also other flavorings that may not be considered lemon, but pack much lemon flavor. Such as FA Torrone and Pandoro, and many of the Fruity Flake cereals out there. So like I said, if there's a recipe you are mixing that calls for lemon, there are plenty to choose from to fit in your mix perfectly.  

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