The Best Time to Make Your Own E-Liquid is NOW!

Many of you who frequent this site and the DIY community, have already found a nice little corner in the world that you can hang out in, be creative, stop smoking, all while saving money in the process. This article isn’t really for you. This is for the other 99% of vaper’s who haven’t dialed in some type of backup plan. The vaper who maybe just goes to the shop, picks up their favorite eliquid and coils for their subtank and doesn’t think twice about the industry. The vaper who’s STRICTLY here because they need to quit smoking one way or the other. I want to ensure that these people, the millions of them, can continue their tobacco harm reduction given any circumstance or obstacle that may lie ahead.

I’ve written many articles on why mixing is the more superior way to vape. It’s so much more efficient, customizable, safe, and cost effective. The only downsides might be the time investments of learning. But now with one shots becoming more prevalent, this is less of an issue. Also, the upfront costs are still a bit higher than going to a shop and purchasing a juice. But with the rising price of eliquids due to taxes or regulations, again, this is becoming less an issue. Soon there will be no reason to purchase commercial eliquids other than sheer laziness, or ease of use (and trust me, I understand the power of those two factors). So my goal is to just keep the DIY side of things on the forefront of every vapers mind. Just letting them all know the DIY community would love to have them, and will stop at nothing to get you the information you need to vape in the most efficient way possible.

So hopefully one of you reading this takes a look at your wallet or your lack of quality juice and realizes it’s time to take the jump into the world of DIY. If you want to learn how to start, here are a bunch of links that can get you all the information you need to get you on your way. Be sure to bookmark so you can stay updated on the best DIY mixing resources, recipes, videos, podcasts, and more, to help you develop the best recipes you can.

Resources to get you started

The History of E-liquid

Is Mixing For Everyone?

Where to Start

Buying your First Flavorings

The Most Important Rule in Mixing

Simple DIY E-Liquid Recipes for Beginners

Top 5 DIY E-Liquid Recipe Bases

Learning to Take Notes

Make sure you check out each one of those links above to help you get a good understanding on if mixing is right for you, where to start and the best DIY E-liquid vendors to help make your first order, the best flavorings to purchase on your first order, and the beginning stages of making your own, simple, beginner DIY E-liquid recipes. If you want to take the easiest route, You can hit the link below to purchase DIYorDIE’s, ENYAWREKLAW Concentrates (or one shots), which will introduce you to mixing but ensure you make excellent recipes.

Here is a link for those of you in the UK

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