Flavor Talk: MINTS (LIVE)

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It’s been getting damn hot out here in Philadelphia. Those out in the south might be laughing at us, but for the average North Easterner, anything over 80 degrees is a scorching day. And much like everyone else, I personally like to vape different recipes and flavor profiles depending on the type of season and weather we’re having. Mint is the obvious choice for days like this where the heat is almost unbearable.

Mint is a profile that really separates itself from the rest of the more “traditional” flavors. Even with smokers, you have your regular cigarette smokers, and your menthol smokers. Menthol and mint being a very polarizing flavor. The same kind of goes for Mint Vapes. Many of those who enjoy mint and menthol recipes, usually stick to them. And those who do not like to stay away from them. Obviously there are exceptions to the rule, but I’m generalizing here. Now, this is something I think we should take advantage of. Mint site in its own category most of the time, and crafting recipes based around this assumption will result in very cohesive and vivid recipes.

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