YEO Banana (DIY E-liquid Recipes)

First thing I want to note is that you might see this recipe as really simple. There are a few reasons I’m releasing this specific recipe. One being that I want to model how these LAYERS work, since you will be seeing a lot more of them coming from me. Another is that I’m trying to break the notion coming from many “advanced” mixers that a simple RECIPE does NOT equal a simple FLAVOR. Those two things do NOT coincide with each other. So let’s begin.

Flavor Profile:

YEO Banana is a recipe that takes the sweet and fragrant Yeo Layer and infuses it with a soft and subtle banana. My love for Banana and Creams + my love for Sweet Rice was begging to be blended together. And with the flavor profiles of each, it’s an easy crossover. Taking the fragrant and present Yeo Sweet Rice Layer and pairing it up with the softness of TFA Banana, works damn well. While I don’t think it’s the BEST pairing for Yeo Layer, it scratches that itch I’ve had thinking about the two different profiles. The profiles don’t quite match up as seamlessly as a Strawberry and Milk. But it’s a fun flavor, and extremely pleasing. Which is why I think I like it enough to post it. It’s just pleasant and easy going. Something needed after tons of extremely complex recipes. There’s an “east Asian” quality about the recipe that I think adds intrigue. And it’s something I think a lot of people will really enjoy, especially considering the simplistic nature of the recipe.

YEO Banana

YEO Banana


MIX - 60VG / 40PG - STEEP - Medium / 3-5 Days Full development notes and flavor notes here -


CAP Super Sweet     0.25%FE Sweet Rice     5%FA Meringue     0.5%TPA Banana Cream     1.5%TPA Vanilla Swirl     0.5%

Total Flavor: 7.75%

Flavor Notes:

YEO LAYER – You can check out the full notes on this Layer here. So like I said previously, a reason I wanted to post this recipe was to model how to use these specific LAYERS that I will be releasing much more often. Now these layers are meant to be used as somewhat of a backbone for your recipes. Much like “Stones”, they speed up the process of your recipe development, and give you a great starting point. But I want there to be an understanding about them, that slightly differs from these “stone” base recipes. And that’s that you may need a bit of tweaking to make them fit in the way you’d like. And that’s really the only difference. Here, all we did was drop TFA Vanilla Swirl down to 0.5% as we don’t need too much of its vanillin since TFA’s banana cream already contains a good amount of it. Keeping everything the same basically ensures the integrity of the flavor from the original Yeo Layer will remain.

TFA Banana Cream – This is the banana portion of the recipe. There’s a soft banana flavor that comes of it, and its foundation within itself of this milkshake like flavor, doesn’t need much help. Which is why we didn’t add anything else, since the Yeo Layer will do most of the heavy lifting. I didn’t want to use any banana because I wanted a very soft banana flavor. Something TFA Banana Cream does best. This allows the Sweet Rice to share center stage with the banana, both sharing the spotlight equally. If we used a sharper banana here, like LA Banana Cream, we might distract a bit too much from the delicious rice layer.

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  1. Holy Smoke This Is It ! I was tiring of the majority of my ADV’s then I lit this up with no steep and pow I’m loving this. Going to mix 120ml of this and your YEO LAYER, I can see this being so good with many flavors. The layering idea is the real deal, I do believe.

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