What is Remix Month?


Remix month is something that I’ve been thinking about for a while. You’ve all seen it. “Does anyone have a clone of this [insert shitty eliquid company here]”, “Can someone help me make [insert overly sweetened trash here]?”. They dominate every DIY mixing forum and message board on the internet. And it’s easily one of the most asked questions in my email box. First off, the definition of cloning is to “make an identical copy” of something. In the DIY E-liquid world, that is impossible if you don’t have the exact recipe. Well it’s not impossible, but it’s very unlikely. The odds of getting the exact concentration of the exact flavorings is staggeringly high, due to the immense amount of ingredients at our disposal. This is why DIYorDIE likes to refer to them as “REMIXES“. A remix is the secondary artist’s take on the original artists, original work. The Stone Temple Pilots will never be able to sing “Hey Jude” with the exact Beatles instrumentation and Paul McCartney’s exact cadence and tone. If they did cover it, it would be considered a “Remix.” Therefore, that is why I have given “clone recipes” that term. Plus it get’s rid of the stigma left from the devastation the Chinese inputted on the Vaping Hardware market.

Anyways, that is why those requests are often ignored by those that have been mixing a while. I think many of those asking just don’t understand how difficult and time consuming cloning an eliquid actually is. Some might entertain the question with their favorite “clone” from ELR, but nothing more than that. There’s never really an in depth conversation or discussion on the source eliquid or the development process needed to produce that same flavor profile or recipe. These questions never go much deeper than posting a recipe here or there, talking about general profiles & main ingredients, and petty banter about why “cloning” is an inferior way to display someones creativity. So I wanted to come up with a way the entire community can focus on clon…remixes rather. Remixing an eliquid is one of the most difficult things you can do in mixing, and the amount of learning and experience you gain from trying your hand at replicating a recipe is tremendous. So this idea would not only get a ton of awesome recipes that we can pass around to those looking for those profiles, but also gather tons of experience while doing it. That’s when I figured I come up with Remix Month.

Remix Month, which I’m dedicating to this June, will be the month that DIYorDIE strictly focuses on remixing many of the commercial eliquids on the market. My hope is that many will see what I’m doing and join in. Now, DIYorDIE produces a lot of different types of mixing content on a daily basis. So this means there will be a large variety of great articles, research, videos, podcasts, and notes all dedicated to the remixing process. The reason I’m putting this news out now, is so you, the community, can prepare for this upcoming month. I want you all to think about your favorite commercial eliquids, think about the most difficult ones to remix, get the concentrates you think you might need,  and get prepared so we can all jump into this together. Hopefully by the end of June, we’ll have a ton of the top asked Remixes (hopefully damn close to their original formula), a ton of research on the process of remixing to help those out who might embark on their own, and a ton of content for those people to consume, while they’re on their journey.


  1. Fro-yo by nicks blissful brews has been something i have been trying to clone for a long time but never managed to get the exact flavour down theres always something missing

  2. This right here is what I’ve been waiting for! Remixing/Cloning, whatever it is! This is what I live for! Can’t wait!! Thank you Wayne !!!

  3. What do you think about remixing Adore’s Banana Bondage? It’s really a pain in the *** to get over here in Europe and on the American vape shows everybody seems to love it ;)

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