Smok G-Priv Review by B-Crunk



  • Touch screen
  • Voltage range: 0.35 – 8V
  • Wattage range: 1 – 220W
  • Temp Control range: 200 – 600 Degrees Fahrenheit / 100 – 315 Degrees Celsius
  • Supporting VW / TC mode
  • Dual 18650 batteries (not included)
  • Magnetic battery cover 510 threaded
  • Material: zinc alloy
  • Dimensions: 14×5.85×2.8 cm / 5.51×2.3×1.1 inches


  • Top filling
  • Bottom adjustable airflow
  • 5ml capacity
  • 24.5mm diameter
  • 510 thread
  • Material: stainless steel and glass

In The Box

  • 1 x Smok 220W G – PRIV Mod
  • 1 x TFV8 Big Baby Tank
  • 1 x V8 Baby – X4 0.15 ohm Core ( Pre-installed )
  • 1 x Extra V8 Baby – T6 0.2 ohm Core
  • 1 x Replacement Glass Tank
  • 1 x USB Cable
  • 1 x English User Manual
  • 1 x Spare Parts (various o-rings)
  • 1 x Silicone Case
  • 2 x Vape Bands (1 x orange, 1 x black)
  • User manual
  • Warranty card
  • Battery Safety card

My Experiences

The screen is large, very clear and easy to read. It comes with a screen protector on it, but it came off easily. I would suggest getting a screen protector for it that won’t peel off so easily just to help protect it more. Even though it is a large screen (compared to other mods, anyway) it doesn’t feel cluttered with too much information. The main screen gives you readings of the voltage, amperage, voltage, resistance, time of day (in 24h format), number of puffs, and battery life. It also has a timer showing how long it’s been fired when you press the fire button.

To change the wattage or temperature if in TC mode, you tap either side of the big circle where the wattage/temperature is displayed. The left side is down and the right side is up. What sucks is there’s no indicator on how to change the wattage or temperature until you tap one side or the other and arrows appear on screen. I really think it would be better if the arrows were just there to begin with. Perhaps it would be a good addition in a future firmware update.

In the upper left hand corner of the screen, right below the time, is an arrow that takes you to the configuration menu. There are four options: VW Mode, TC Mode, Max Puff, and Settings. Under VW Mode you can choose Effects (which seems to be the ramp) of which there are four options in a drop down menu: Min, Soft, Norm, and Hard. You can also set the wattage under this menu and the is a switch to activate the VW mode if you aren’t already in VW mode. Under the TC mode sub menu you are able to choose the material from a drop down menu (nickel, titanium, or stainless), preheat wattage setting, adjust the TCR value, and set the initial resistance down to the thousandths decimal place. There is also an Activate switch just like under VW Mode. Under the Max Puff sub menu it tells you how many puffs you’ve taken, allows you to set the max puffs you want to allow yourself, and reset the puff counter. I don’t find this feature useful at all on any of the mods that have it, but it’s there if you use it. The Settings sub menu shows you the UUID, the model number (firmware version), lets you set the screen timeout, set the time and date, and factory reset.

As I said earlier, the screen is nice and clear. The touch screen is very responsive and easy to use. I didn’t know how I would like the touch screen but it’s nice. I also like that there is a button above the fire button to turn the screen on and off to keep from using as much battery life and keep from accidentally changing the settings.

Speaking of the fire button, I think having the whole side as a big button cover is dumb. The actual button is at the top just under the screen button. It’s not as though you can press it anywhere and get good fire results. If you press it in the middle or nearer to the bottom, it doesn’t fire as consistently. So beyond just a style choice the big-ass button is kind of silly, in my opinion.

The battery cover magnets are really strong. I almost broke a nail opening it a couple of times. I also always have a little piece of kanthal or something stuck to it. That being said, the battery cover won’t just fall off due to the strength of the magnets. It also has a carbon fiber print on it, which always looks good.

THE USB PORT IS ON THE BOTTOM!! Why do companies still do this? It’s a horrible place to put it. It requires you to lay down the mod and risk leaking from the atomizer or take the atty off which is just inconvenient. There are also vent holes in the bottom in case of the unlikely event of catastrophic battery failure.

The silicon sleeve/case thingy that comes with the kit isn’t very good. It’s super floppy and there isn’t enough material on it to keep it semi rigid. It constantly shifts around on the mod. No to mention it’s a bit of a pain when you have to change batteries. It could have been done better.

The tank that comes in the kit is the TFV8 Big Baby Tank. It has a silly name and seems to vape just the same as the previous Smok TFV tanks I’ve had. It has top fill which is always nice. The top pivots on a single hinge and sort of snaps in place when it’s closed. This prevents it from just coming open like previous tanks such as the TFV4. The drip tip is huge. The outer diameter is about 17mm. The tank comes with 2 coil heads: 1 X4 0.15Ω head and 1 T6 0.2Ω. The X4 has a suggested wattage range of 30-70W with a best range of 45-60W. I find it vapes best at 60W. The T6 has a suggested range of 40-130W with a best range of 70-90W. It’s a pretty good tank, but I find the flavor a bit sub par. Lots of clouds but not great flavor. That probably has something to do with the coil heads having 4 and 6 coils. They include 2 vape bands in the kit. One is black and the other is orange. Why they would include an orange vape band that doesn’t match is beyond me. I think it should have been red or even white. Orange is just weird.


  • Goes to 220W
  • Touch screen is very responsive
  • Large, clear screen
  • Button to turn off screen
  • Strong magnetic battery cover
  • Has the time on the screen
  • Good battery life


  • USB port is on the bottom
  • Adjustment arrows should always be visible
  • Huge fire button is weird
  • Silicon case sucks


All in all, it’s a pretty good kit. Though, since this tank isn’t that great I would be happy with just the mod. I’ve been using it for about two weeks straight and I’m pretty happy with it. It looks nice and performs well enough. The battery life is fine, the screen is nice, and there’s loads of power should you ever need 220W for some reason.

If you are interested in checking this mod out you can find the kit here for $104.55, the tank by itself here for $25.39, and the mod by itself here for $94.51

The Smok G-Priv was sent to me by Gearbest for review

Review by Crunk

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