Why Can’t I taste My Recipes? (Beginner DIY E-liquid Tips)

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Not being able to taste the recipes you’ve just mixed up or created is one of the more frustrating things you’ll deal with, in DIY eliquid mixing. It happens to everyone, especially in the beginning. Unfortunately, it’s an issue that’s a bit more complex than we’d like, and the answers are some that you might not want to hear. Though, things do get better and soon enough you’ll taste everything and develop all the recipes your heart desires.


One of the most common mistakes newbs run into. But this is an issue that goes a bit deeper than some might think. So yes, overflavoring means you’re using too much flavoring in your recipes. Remember, more flavoring does not equal more flavor. So every flavoring has a percentage its best at. Using the five percent rule, or the flavorbook, or other notes, will help you find out what percentage that is. But you can also overflavor in a deeper sense. Say you want a strawberry recipe. You use TFA Strawberry, TFA Strawberry Ripe, CAP Sweet Strawberry, and some TFA Marshmallow. One compound they all have in common is Ethyl Maltol. So even if you use all those flavorings at their best percentage, you can still overflavor your recipe because you’re loading up on that one compound. Especially with Ethyl Maltol because it has muting properties in itself. So always start low and be cautious when making your concentrations.

Vaper’s Tongue

Olfactory Fatigue, or otherwise known as, Vaper’s Tongue, is when your palate, or your nose rather, becomes overloaded with aromas and you can’t taste anything until it subsides. Much like when you go to a zoo and it smells like shit, but after a while you don’t notice it anymore. It works in the same way. Except with vaping, it’s much more extreme. Us mixers use these very strong aromas that pound our noses. So it can really wipe out our sense of smell if we’re not cautious or moderate. Unfortunately, there is no cure other than time. That’s why I always recommend taking a break (check out this episode of Extracted for a more in depth look). Menthol recipes might help  a bit in the short term, but taking a good ol’ break is always best. I personally need to take a break every month or so. So if you find you’re vaper’s tongue is coming back, maybe it’s a good idea to hold off on the mixing until after its gone.

Use Sucralose

Don’t be afraid to use sweetener. It’s a wonderful compound that can really breathe some life into your recipes. Of course, moderation and balance is key. But a pinch here and a pinch there can take a recipe that’s a 4, easily to a 9. One other thing to note is that more simple, linear recipes, do much better with sucralose and vividness. An intricate and light recipe with 3 layers, 12 notes, and no sweetener, will  NEVER be as vivid as a recipe that’s just Green Apple with 2% sucralose. So, if you’re looking for that simple, sweet, and vivid flavor, don’t go crazy with your recipes. You’ll get much more out of them, they will last longer on your wicks, and they’ll work in any device or RDA. I generally like to use 0.5% of CAP Super Sweet in my recipes, or 0.5% TFA sweetener if I just need a touch of it.


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