Yeo Layer (Sweet Rice/Soy Milk Base)

So I love me some rice. All kinds of rice. But my absolute favorite kind is sweet rice that I use for sticky rice. It’s a sweeter, more starchy and textured rice that has some bite to it, but isn’t crunchy in the least bit. This recipe or “layer” rather, is something that I just can’t get enough of lately. I’ve already choked down 120ml’s of it. It’s got a sweet fragrant rice top note, followed by a light, yet full bodied, milk finish. Absolutely delicious. And the best part about this recipe, is that it’s a layer as stated previously. This means its perfect on its own, but also meant to be used with recipes as a foundation. Mixing it with coconut, mango, raspberry, strawberry, and whatever else your heart desires, is encouraged. Please enjoy, and be sure to leave your recipes and feedback in the comment section below. 

YEO Layer: Sweet Rice/Soy Milk Layer for your Recipes


This is a LAYER (much like a "stone") meant to be used in your recipes as somewhat of a foundation. It has a delicious and fragrant sweet rice top note that takes center stage in recipes. But then followed with the most deliciously milky cream that is light, yet full flavored and flufly. Feel free to tinker with this base and use in your recipes. HTTP://DIYORDIEVAPING.COM for more recipe ideas and full flavor notes.


FE Sweet Rice     5%TPA Meringue     0.5%TPA Vanilla Swirl     1%

Total Flavor: 6.5%

Flavor Notes:
FE Sweet Rice: I’ve been hyping this flavoring up since I was able to get some in before its release. Finally ecigexpress has released it, and I can’t wait to see what some people do with it. It’s a spot on Sweet Rice flavoring that has a delicious fragrance about it. If you’re having trouble understanding what the flavoring tastes like, think about a fresh pot of just cooked rice, taking the top off, inhaling its delicious steam, and infused with white sugar, and a touch of soy milk. It’s much more creamy than it is textured which is the only gripe I have with it. But in the case of this layer, it lends itself much more towards that rice milk/soy milk flavor I wanted. I like this flavoring at 5%, and you need to keep its surrounding flavors a bit lighter than usual if you want that top rice note to remain present.

TFA Meringue: Now this does what you think it does in this recipe, and more. We all know a touch of meringue gives creams their “dairy” malty notes. And that was the reason I used it in this recipe. But what I found out unexpectedly is that the meringue also helps push that rice note forward even more. For some reason the way the meringue top note attaches to that sweet rice top note is just magical and creates such a delicious flavoring. It definitely makes the entire recipe a bit more creamy, but that dimension of flavor this ingredient adds is well worth it.

TFA Vanilla Swirl: Lastly, this ingredient isn’t really even needed. The Rice/Meringue mix is plenty for my needs, if I want just a deliciously creamy sweet rice recipe. But I wanted to add a dimension of vanilla into this recipe, so TFA Vanilla Swirl is the obvious choice. It’s very light, fluffy, and airy, and just gives the recipe the mouthfeel you’d expect from a nice glass of rice milk. That mouthfeel is what fully sells the experience and pulls everything together. I first tried with CAP Vanilla Whipped Cream, but that flavoring actually covered a bit of the rice note. And since we want that note front and center, the Vanilla Swirl plays its part perfectly.



  1. I like this a lot, it’s mellow in terms of flavor something reminiscence to me of Backyard Brew’s Malty

  2. I haven’t tried this yet but I’m looking forward to it! I actually have a question about the various “layers” you’ve released to us. I’ve seen your “whipped” layer and your “ice cream” layer but there isn’t one place for all of them, that I can find at least. I’m mainly wondering what is in your “ice cream” layer, I can’t find it anywhere. Any guidance would be very appreciated. Much love, Wayne.

  3. I’m thinking a buttery popcorn, or just some buttery flavor would set this off like a bomb! I love rice with butter and sugar, I could eat it every day!

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