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DIYeleos Milk


**"DIYeleos(Pronounced D.I.Yel-ee-ose) Milk":** *BACK STORY:* This is my revision for my "My Milk" recipe. There were quite a few issues I had with that recipe, though others said they really enjoyed it. Firstly, the inclusion of FW Fruity Flakes really bothered me. Even though it was only at,0.27%(or some ridiculous percentage like that), I didn't want any of that dangerous sugar crap in my recipe no matter how little was present. I don't mind diacetyl...but sugar? No way. Secondly, there was simply too much lemon in My Milk. Way too much. I mean...a lot. Did I say way too much? And finally, the correct balance with the custard & brown sugar just wasn't 'there'. Sure, it was palatable. But it wasn't worthy of all the praise it got, in my opinion. I've been reviewing the original recipe since its' inception and reformulating on paper over & over & over. Today(05/04/17) I think I finally perfected the flavor. I quickly mixed up a 40ml batch straight away. I'm weird like that. If it doesn't look right, I won't even waste my time or supplies mixing it up. Needless to say, I was very pleased with this revision. Even fresh, this Everything is more balanced than my first recipe. And the lemon doesn't dominate. For those of you who want to enjoy Teleos The Milk without the SUPER inflated price, I think this mix is for you. This is one of those recipes that you just "know" will get better & better with age. Which is why I am releasing it right away. **NOTES:** **The Cereal:** The 1st difference you will notice in this new recipe is the inclusion of TFA Berry Crunch(also called Berry Cereal). This is because the more I vaped on the original Teleos eliquid, I found myself tasting this. Its a weaker flavor than FW Fruit Rings, so in order to be tasted, it was necessary for this concentrate to be higher. ANY less, and it becomes invisible in FW Fruit Rings bold flavor. FW Fruit Rings is a great Pebbles foundation. At 1%, the citrus flavor(as in the real cereal) is present. CAP Lemon Meringue Pie was used at only 0.5% in order to 'soften' the sharp lemon in the FW Fruit Rings, while not completely killing the lemon. It also boosts the milky part of this mix. **The Milk:** First off we have the tried & true FW Hazelnut/FA Meringue milk base. I used more Hazelnut than Meringue in order to bring out a slight malty cereal feel. I purposely avoided Acetyl Pyrazine because this is more of a 'leftover milk' recipe as opposed to a grainy cereal. I wanted more thickness & milkiness, which is why I included TFA Vanilla Swirl at a low 1.5%. **The Real Stars Of The Show:** For the original Teleos The Milk and this new recipe, TFA Brown Sugar and CAP Vanilla Custard v1 are a MUST. Vanilla Custard is prominent, yet balanced. You cannot have Teleos The Milk without custard or brown sugar. That's just a fact. The key is getting the balance right. My original recipe had the custard at 4%. But the way it was balanced(or UNbalanced) made it TOO prominent in my My Milk recipe. In this new version, I use CAP VCv1 at a HIGHER(6%) percentage. And yet, even though it's doesn't take over. NEWBS: Notice this when formulating a recipe. Depending on the % of the other concentrates, raising a particular concentrate's percentage doesn't necessarily make it taste stronger! It's all about the balance. **The Sweetener:** EDIT: You can use either Erythritol OR CAP Super Sweet here. If you use Erythritol, use it at 0.75-1% depending on the sweetness you desire. *This is just GREAT freshly mixed as I knew it would be, But, as with all milky cereal vapes, 7-14 days steep will benefit it greatly.* *70%VG is the way to go for that milky 'feel'.* **Do not take it upon yourself to copy and publish this recipe over to ELR. THIS ACTION IS STRICTLY FORBIDDEN.** Respect mixers, they are not your ticket to success...They are your friends. #EJUICEMAKERS


CAP Lemon Meringue Pie     0.5%CAP Super Sweet     0.25%CAP Vanilla Custard     6%FW Fruit Rings     1%FW Hazelnut     1.5%FA Meringue     1%TPA Berry Cereal     3%TPA Brown Sugar     1.5%TPA Vanilla Swirl     1.5%

Total Flavor: 16.25%


SixStrings did a great job on the flavor of this recipe. What I really enjoy the most about it, is how well it nails its profile genre. The cereal genre is a section of eliquid that has been way overdone and bastardized in the past few months. Finding a great cereal that didn't have any gimmicks and focused strictly on the profile its set out to be, has been quite difficult. But this recipe does it, and does it well. If you're a fan of cereals, this is a great recipe. While the texture of the recipe isn't quite where I'd like it, it still provides this extremely vivid Fruity Pebbles cereal, with an extremely thick and rich milk body. Using Vanilla Custard at 6% seemed like it would completely dominate the recipe. But instead, SixStrings was able to balance it quite well while also nailing that rich, thick, custard body. On the top you taste that lemon cereal as it really draws most of the attention, but then on the exhale comes the delicious custard base with that unique and scrumptious brown sugar note. The two levels in this recipe just taste great. The only gripe I have with the recipe so far  is that things feel a bit cluttered. It seems like all the flavors are battling eachother for the top spot, but none win. Other than that though, if you're a fan of cereals, I highly recommend you at least try this. 


I'm very impressed at how well SixStrings utilized the CAP Lemon Meringue Pie to round out the edges of the often cloying FW Fruity Rings. It does its job, but also adds to the cereal note by lending its creamy body as well as add to the maltiness with its pie crust. And then using a high 6% of Custard v1 was a very risky move that could've ended in disaster. Though, it fits like a glove, and only adds to the overall experience of this recipe. Any lower and you'll have an imbalance on the cereal, and any higher might get you too much egg. Somehow, SixStrings was able to pull it together and I gotta give some points there. 


And now for the accuracy, this stuff is damn close. While I haven't had The Milk in quite some time, upon vaping this recipe it immediately reminded myself of it. Something that I find quite impressive. But I will come back to this and see if the recipe is still as accurate as I think it is, once I get some of the original formulation in. So for now, just going off what SixStrings claims the recipe is, she nails it. It's a thick, rich, and creamy fruity pebbles cereal that focuses much more on the milk than the cereal. I think a lot of people would say the same. 


8.75 / 10


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