The Daily Mix [4/25/17]

Presence, Dynamic Range & The Loudness Wars

What is presence? Oh yeah, I guess this is why I included that little history in the intro. Presence of flavor is exactly what you think it is. It's the "impact" the flavor makes on you upon vaping it. Back in the day, eliquid had a very soft presence. The reason being the hardware, but not always. The devices just weren't powerful enough to output a strong enough vape to reach the presence of today. Learn how to increase the presence or impact of your recipes by heading over to the link now.

(FA) Blood Orange

Fa Blood Orange is a great new flavoring from FlavourArt. FlavourArt produced another one of my favorite orange flavorings, FA Mandarin, and this time they tried their hand at the Blood Orange variant. While I don't think they nailed the profile exactly as I expected, it's still a pretty good flavor. It does have a few quirks, but check out the link to read the full flavor analysis. 

SB 508 Hearing in PA Tomorrow!

SB 508 is a bill that's being pushed by many of vapor companies and advocates in PA to hopefully overturn the bill that's in place now and input this one. Right now the bill that's already in place puts a total 40% wholesale tax on all vapor products, as well as force the consumers themselves to claim their out-of-state vapor purchases on their taxes to compensate the loss in taxes if purchased in state. It's an absolutely ridiculous bill enacted by a ridiculous state government who's run their entire state into a huge financial hole. No to mention PA being a laughing stock at how not to budget your states income. What SB 508 is meant to do is replace that 40% wholesale tax with a $0.05 per mL wholesale tax on eliquids and that's it. It's still a pretty expensive tax, but it allows many of the companies to stay in business and hits the consumer only on upfront cost. The states Financial committee hears the new bill tomorrow so we'll have more news as it comes in, though I am hearing pretty good things so far about how the state sees the bill. CASAA wants you to contact your State Senators and encourage them to support the bill. 

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