The Daily Mix [4/24/17]

New DIYorDIE Segment: The Weekend Assignment

Over the weekend I decided to implement a new idea that I took inspiration from ID10-T over at /r/DIY-Ejuice. He does the awesome Flavor of the Week over on the subreddit, and I loved the idea of giving community members something to do. So I came up with the weekend assignment. Many mixers do most of their work on the weekends, to make the eliquids for the week. I decided to use that to  challenge those who read the site. All it is, is that DIYorDIE comes up with a flavor profile, usually based on the content its released throughout the week, and offers the community to mix up recipes based on it. This week was cookie dough. Also, DIYorDIE will link the necessary posts, videos, and content, related to that profile to help the mixer along. If you're interested in this feel free to head over to the link to participate. 

MixLife Ep. 6 - Building Blocks


Kopel, Clayton, and Concrete River return with another show. This episode they talk about tons of mixing content, talk about building recipes, resources for growing mixers, making sure you review other people's work if you've mixed it even if you enjoyed it or not, and learning from failure. This is a great, underrated podcast, that is filled with tons of knowledge and information. Be sure to head to the link to make sure you catch up on the latest show. 

You're Over Thinking It (Beginner DIY Mixing Videos)

This new video talks about the dilemma that the newer novice mixer faces, and that's the subject of Overthinking their recipe development. When you go to create recipes, having a simplified and linear outlook on the recipe is not a bad idea. The entire goal of a mixer is to reach the flavor profile that's in their heads, and translate that into vapor with the ingredients and tools at our disposal. But getting to that goal in the fastest, shortest, most efficient way possible, always brings out the best flavor, is the most cost effective, and wastes the least time. Check out the video and post by heading to the link, to learn more. 

(FA) Butterscotch

FA Butterscotch is one of the only DAAP free butterscotches on the market. And I can safely say its one of the best. Head out to the link for the full FlavorBook entry to learn more about this flavoring and if its right for your recipes. 


Surgeon General is FIRED!

That person to the left, WAS the Surgeon General of the United States. On the Presidents 92nd day, he removed Vivek Murthy and put in place the new acting Surgeon General Sylvia Trent-Adams. Murthy was a very respected Democrat in this position after much praise from President Obama, but as we went deeper into his ties to pharma and wall street it was apparent the reason why. The vaping industry will not miss Murthy due to the countless amount of times he's rejected the science on the issue, and the false information spread about the technology that hurt the image of vaping that the industry still feels today. One of the most well known blunders Murthy made was jumping on the wildly popular Good Mythical Morning show to bash the tobacco cessation device and scare users away from the device. Something that might just save their lives. It's easy to see Murthy is just a puppet for the Big Pharma industries, and with their profits being threatened, watching him do his best to demonize the product isn't that surprising. So I say "Sayonara, Sucker." I know many Dems, and even some Republicans, will cast hate on whoever Trump puts in this position, especially those against the Gun Lobby. But let's just hope who ever it may be, looks at the science subjectively and actually praises this technology for what it is, rather than demonize the product for what its not. 

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