Weekend Mixing: Cookie Dough

The First Assignment

This is the first of the “Weekend Mixing Assignments.” This is basically just a DIY Mixing inspiration assignment where the goal is to get people mixing things they may not be so inclined to mix on their own. Basically every Friday night I’ll post a new flavor profile that kind of incorporates the recipes and themes of content coming from DIYorDIE that week, and your goal is to make a recipe using the all the content, posts, videos, articles, and research to help you. Once you’ve crafted your recipe feel free to post your recipe in the comment section below, or post on your recipe depository of choice with the tag “DIYorDIE Weekend Assignment”. There are no prizes, no money, no glory. It’s all just for fun, and to help those who love mixing on the weekends (myself included) have a bit of a goal to strive for. So I guess the reward you get is better mixing skills and more practice in your hobby.

The Cookie Dough

The first flavor profile for the assignment is Cookie Dough. It’s a tough profile that’s stumped many for a long, long time. The reason I chose this ingredient is because of the breakthrough I’ve had during Live Mixing this week, where I mixed up a delicious warm baked cookie dough like recipe that incorporated the use of FLV Cookie Dough. Check out that episode of Live Mixing for help with your recipe.

Profile Breakdown:

Dough: The “dough” portion of the cookie dough is the most difficult part. Trying to capture that sugary, buttery, flour flavor, is quite difficult. I’ve noticed the use of CAP Vanilla Custard v1 helps introduce much of the thickness, richness, and egginess into the recipe that is lacking from many stand alone flavorings. FLV Cookie Dough is easily the best tasting cookie dough flavoring I’ve found, and when paired with the custard, it only makes it more authentic. If you’re trying to stay away from the DAAP, you can try to work in FLV Custard to take its place.

Chocolate Chips: Again, FLV Cookie Dough seems to do a great job of imitating the chocolate chips that are laid into the flavor, without it overtaking the mix. But it is quite light, and if you want to input your own amount of chocolate, I recommend checking out Jungle Flavors New Milk Chocolate flavoring. You need to keep things light, but it will add that essence of chocolate morsels into your recipe if done correctly.

The Accents: Much of what makes the cookie dough a cookie dough and not any other bakery, are the accents. In my opinion those accents are the butter, and the slightly gritty texture that rubs your palate when you eat it. The butter can be taken care of with Custard, or you can check out CAP Butter Cream. And for the grit, FA Cookie might be great to increase that level of dimension. You can also try FW Graham Cracker for a more of a subtle bite.

So feel free to try your hand at this profile over the weekend. I think your best bet is to check out my Live Mixing episode and look at the recipe I developed in it. FLV Cookie Dough, in conjunction with the rest of the flavorings in the mix, capture that cookie dough flavor so well. It’s more of a slightly baked cookie, that’s still gooey. But it’s closer than I ever gotten before. I’d also love to see if someone can develop some kind of cookie dough for a sugar cookie, or peanut butter cookie. Don’t forget to post the links to your recipe below!