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The Recipe

Sadlad Toast Crunch


Original artwork done by Matthew Kocanda at This is my take on Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Its pretty god damn good. Lots of stuff in it. Some cinnamons. Some crunches. Other things too. I've been forcing people to try different versions of this recipe for the last month and this is by far the best and most authentic. A sharp cereal with a touch of milk, works as a Shake and Vape but really forms after two or three days. I recommend it to everyone.


CAP Cereal 27     2.5%CAP Cinnamon Danish Swirl     3%CAP Sweet Cream     3.5%FA Cream Fresh     1%TPA Pie Crust     0.75%TPA Rice Crunchies     1%TPA Toasted Marshmallow     1%

Total Flavor: 12.75%


Damn this recipe is good. Speaking on the flavor, there's just so much to go over. For one, the recipe is expertly balanced. All of the flavor profiles, all the notes, all the accents, are layered in the recipe with masterful precision. Nothing seems too overpowering, which is always something I'm worried about when dealing with cinnamon. But this recipe nails it. Even the "milk" of the recipe is laid in perfectly and doesn't distract away from the mix in anyway. Next, this recipe is delicious. It's so enjoyable to vape, and anyone who likes this flavor profile will love this recipe. It tastes like a bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch after its sat in the milk for a minute or two. One of my favorite aspects of the flavor is how it emulates that cinnamon sugary film that's left on your tongue after biting into the cereal. It happens in the same way with this recipe, really drawing you further into the experience. Quite impressive. The only thing the recipe lacks is that full texture that comes from cereal. Not to say there is none, it's just a little less than what I'd expect. Like I said previously, it's as if the cereal was left in the milk top soften the edges, and I think if it were more of a "fresh" bite it would add even more to the overall recipe. But that's me really nitpicking and looking for flaws. Other than that it has an amazing flavor. 


So this is a flavor profile that's been done many times before. There are countless amounts of Cinnamon Toast Crunch recipes and eliquids out there. I will say, so far, this is my favorite rendition of the profile. I think much of the innovation comes from the combination of CAP Cereal 27, TFA Pie Crust, and Cinnamon Danish Swirl, to give that cinnamon toast flavor. It's spot on. Combine that with the wonderful combination of the Toasted Marshmallow and Sweet Cream "milk", and you have a recipe for success. While it's not a groundbreaking new flavor profile, the recipe is put together in a very innovative way. 


And this is the best part of the recipe. It's so accurate to its source material. I've eaten countless boxes of Cinnamon Toast Crunch (it's Kate's favorite cereal), and I know if a recipe or eliquid comes close to it. I can safely say this is the most accurate to the profile that I've ever had. It emulates the flavor perfectly, the milk that's left after you've eaten all the cereal perfectly, and then pulls you deeper into the profile with that cinnamon sugary film that's left over after taking a bite. It all leads together to create and "experience" when vaping this recipe. And this is immediately apparent when vaping the recipe, which I think is the most impressive part. After one hit, I immediately recognized the profile, and after vaping more and more, it becomes even more apparent. It's spot on, side by side.


9 / 10


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