MixTips: Breaking Down Placid (DIY E-liquid Recipes)

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Placid by Adirondack Vapor’s, which you can get here by clicking the link, is an eliquid that has garnered tons of attention throughout its history. Adirondack is a company that is revered by many in the community, most notably reddit and ECR, for their excellent flavor profiles, attention to detail in their recipes, and ultimately great grass-roots marketing. ┬áPlacid is one of their top sellers, and it’s easily one of the most requested recipes I get to “clone”. Obviously if you know me and my work, “cloning” is something I generally don’t do. For one, I hate that term and prefer to use REMIX because it defines the result much more accurately. There’s no such thing as a 1:1 clone of an eliquid out there, and a “remix” is understood to be taking the original source material and putting your own spin or style into it. Anyways, I’ve had this eliquid a few times before. But its been a while. A shop near me has some in stock so I decided to purchase it to see if I could use it for a video. And thus, that’s what you’ll see above.

Flavor Profile:

The flavor profile of Placid is the part that really intrigues me. It’s a delicious blend of pear, lime, strawberry, and honeysuckle. The ratios of which are completely up to the audience. And that’s what I like so much about it. Depending on who you are, and how your taste buds work, you might get a completely different flavor than me, or anyone else. What do I taste? I mainly taste a Bartlett Pear, with some fresh lime squeezed onto it, and some honeysuckle nectar on the end, with maybe a splash of fresh strawberry juice. I get more of the lime than I do any of the other profiles and to me I feel the recipe is a bit unbalanced. The lime comes in a bit too overpowering, the pear is juicy and sits in the middle, and the end of the vape is dominated by a juicy, yet slightly cloying, honeysuckle flavor. I barely get any strawberry, but I can taste a bit of it, though it tastes a bit more on the Dragonfruit end. One thing I want to stress is that you might taste something completely different. Again, that’s the beauty of this recipe. So if you’re someone who loves this eliquid and wants to try to make their own version, do you best to pinpoint what exactly your tasting.


FALime Tahiti1%
CAPSuper Sweet0.5%

This is the recipe that I developed. It’s solely inspired by Placid, and doesn’t quite try to “be” Placid. Mainly because I don’t enjoy the heavy lime that I get in the recipe, and wanted to develop a recipe that focused more on the Pear and Honeysuckle where the other flavor notes accent the recipe. Make sure to mix at 60VG 40PG for max authenticity, and its great after a couple days of sitting!

Flavor Notes:

TFA Honeysuckle: Coming straight off the description of Placid on Adirondacks website, honeysuckle is used within this recipe. And I expect TFA’s offering is the only one worth using. In the original the end of the vape is dominated with honeysuckle. And like I said previously, it’s used at a percentage that’s so high it ends up being a bit too cloying on the end. It does however provide a great juicy flavor for the recipe. In my remixed version the honeysuckle is a bit more subdued and subtle. Using it at 3%, the honeysuckle gives you some nice juicy qualities, some of its floral sweetness, without being cloying.

INW Pear: This is my choice of flavoring for the remix. I personally believe they’re using FA Pear in their original recipe. It’s more of a tart, let sutble pear, and the texture of the pear is absent in their mix. In this mix I want a more candied, vivid, and sweet pear, and INW Pear gets the job done. Using at 3% gives you this flavor and really acts as the heart of this recipe. Best of all you get along with it, that amazing pear texture that givers the recipe another dimension of experience that drives the flavor.

TFA Strawberry: This could be either Strawberry, or Strawberry ripe. I went with the original TFA Strawberry because I feel it’s a bit more present in the recipe, where the TFA Strawberry ripe slightly gets lost and if used high enough to remain present, mutes some of the other ingredients. Another 3%’er, giving you more of that strawberry sweetness and brightness, without any nonsense. This area is completely up to you, so use any strawberry you’d like.

FA Lime Tahiti: And lastly the lime. The original is really heavy on the lime. This gives the recipe a very tart, present, and almost sharp characteristic about it. FA Lime Tahiti gives you a great lime flavor, very authentic, but at 1% it doesn’t completely dominate the mix and acts more of an enhancer to the recipe rather than a main profile. If you’re someone who loves lime, and citrus, feel free to bump it up to your desired flavor. But to me the balance felt off, so tweaking was necessary and that’s how I landed on this concentration.

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