MIXING101 – Mixing Seminars with DIYorDIE

The DIY E-liquid mixing online class MIXING101 taught personally by me will begin in three weeks! This is a low priced class where you learn anywhere from the very basics of mixing, all the way to commercial recipe development and making a career out of mixing. There is a class for everyone out there, and this lecture will come in seasons. So if you’d like to be apart of this seasons class, be sure to sign up as soon as you can because seats will fill up quickly!

What Classes are available?

MIXING101 – This is the complete beginner course. This will cover everything from ordering your first supplies all the way up to mixing someone’s recipes, and learning the steps involved to get into more advanced mixing. This will go over all the fundamentals of mixing as well. Once the class is over you’ll have all the skills necessary to make excellent simple recipes.

MIXING202 – This class is strictly for those who know how to create recipes, but want to learn all the fun, advanced, mixing techniques. This includes layering, deep layering, batched layering, advanced blueprinting, ratio development, base creation (creating “stone” recipes), flavor bending, profile bending, recipe bending, consolidation, subtraction, learning how to accurately describe what you’re tasting, learning how to accurately describe what you WANT to taste, and fundamentals on aroma development. This is the class best for those looking to really put together some excellent and complex recipes. Great for DIY artists and eliquid company start ups.

MIXING303 – This is a class strictly for those looking to take their skills into the commercial market. Best if purchased conjunction with MIXING202. Are you trying to make some money selling your recipes? Looking to mix for another eliquid company? Looking to start selling one shots? This class got you covered.

How do I sign up?

Purchasing the specific class you’d like will reserve you a spot in the next class. You must have a webcam and download the program Zoom.us (you do not need to purchase an account with Zoom). If all classes are sold out, you will have a chance to sign up during another season.

When are the classes?

MIXING 101 – May 9th, 2017 Tuesday 8pm / 10pm est (After the 8pm class fills up, then the 10pm will fill next)
MIXING 202 – May 10th, 2017 Wednesday 8pm / 10pm est
MIXING 303 – May 16th, 2017 Tuesday 8pm / 10pm est

What should I bring to class?

For MIXING101 All you need is a webcam, that zoom program, and get ready to take some notes. No recording of any kind is allowed or you will be kicked out, & banned. For the other classes you must also have mixing supplies and flavorings. Nothing specific, just enough to build recipes with. Also, everyone needs to have proof of identity to be placed in a class.

What Should I expect?

Expect at least an hour and half of your time. For the first 2/3’rds of the class I will be running over topics that are needed to cover, and the rest of the time will be for questions and personalized topics. Also, feel free to ask any questions along the way for anything you might not understand. One thing to note is that this isn’t a One on One class (those you can purchase separately in the shop). So be mindful of the other students in the hangout.

I’m a member, do I get a discount?

Yes, members get a 20% discount on mixing101 & mixing202


Refunds are only granted 7 days after initial purchase of class. After you purchase a class ticket, and seven days have passed, no refunds will be granted. And because of the nature of this service, no refunds will be given after the class under any circumstances. If you can not make a class, feel free to offer to someone else who can make it, but no refund will be given after 7 days of initial purchase.



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