Deep Strawb: A New “Strawberry Stone” (DIY E-liquid Recipes)

We all know my love for strawberry. It’s easily my favorite fruit profile in vaping, and in culinary, and I can’t get enough of it. But in vaping, I’ve been vaping the same kind of “strawberry stone” base for a long time now. The TFA Strawb, CAP Sweet Strawb combo that seems to dominate a ton of the strawberry recipes out there. Well after obtaining a few new strawberry flavorings, I wanted to see if I can come up with a new “Strawb Stone”. I wanted something much more vivid, authentic, and deep in nature. Almost like a strawberry jam that was sweet, yet not artificially sweet like the CAP/TFA Strawb combo. What I came up with was this…


I’ve mixed this base in a few different recipes and the results have been great. The majority of the flavor comes from the Delosi Strawberry. This is a flavoring that packs an odd aroma when undiluted. An almost “feet” like smell that is hard to miss. But when dropped into a recipe it brings this deep, jammy, strawberry flavor. What I enjoy most about it, is how different it is from the usual suspects. And then you have the RF Strawberry. This is more along the lines of Strawberry syrup, but less sweet, and more focused on authenticity. Combining it with DEL Strawberry gives me an excellent strawberry base that has been doing great. These are the recipes I’ve had success with so far.


RF (SC)Strawberry1%
TFAVanilla Bean Ice  Cream3%
TFAWhipped Cream2%
CAPSuper Sweet0.5%

This recipe is a great strawberry ice cream vape that focuses much more on strawberry than it does on ice cream. Remember that “Vanilla Ice Cream and Strawberry Syrup” recipe I made a bit ago. This is a much, much, better version of it. This is more like dumping a real strawberry syrup onto vanilla bean ice cream. The deepness of the strawberry matched with the bright and light cream contrast well, and makes for an intriguing and delicious vape.


RF (SC)Strawberry1%
CAPDouble Apple3%
FWGreen Apple1.5%
CAPSuper Sweet0.5%
STEEPShort1 Day

A Strawberry apple recipe using this Deep Strawb base. Again, the deep almost wild berried nature of the strawberry base, contrasted with the bright and tart apple, make for a clash of flavor that’s wildly addicting. I do think a lighter strawberry base is more my speed, but if you enjoy more thicker berried flavors, you’ll love this version. You can also add any type of apple base you enjoy, this is just the one I find best fits my needs

Last thing I want to note. If you’re a fellow mixer who can’t taste Strawberry flavorings, I would employ you give this a go, and make your findings known by commenting at the bottom of this article. I personally don’t have this issue but would love to see if the same rules apply. This is a very different strawberry flavor than what’s normally out there so I think this might be great for those people who are “strawberry-deficient”.

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