Flavorah Releases MSDS for All Flavorings and Reports DAAP Levels & Recommended %’s

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Flavorah has done something wonderful, and that is that they have released all the MSDS and GC-MS reports for every single one of their flavorings, reporting the Diacetyl, Acetyl Propinoyl, and Acetoin levels. This is excellent for those who are trying to stay away from any DAAP heavy flavorings. But one thing else they have released is the Recommended Percentages for every one of their flavorings as well. So Flavorah themselves stating what concentration level they think each flavoring should remain in your recipe.


This is just another reason to applaud Brendan and his company. Not only being completely transparent with their work, but also understanding and catering to the needs of the very community he’s apart of. ┬áSo click the link above to check out and see if the flavorings you use in your recipes contain any of these Diketones, or to see the recommended percentages to use in your recipes.

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