FDA Commissioner Hearing Thoughts & Commentary

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In this video I commentate on the hearing of the FDA Commissioner nominee Scott Goetlieb by Senators. There is a specific part in the senate hearing that you can watch here (vaping comes in around 2:23:00).  You can see Sen Patty Murray (D-WAS) drilling Goetlieb on his vaping investments to Kure, and how he can willingly ensure the industry looks after the health of the public, rather than his own pockets. It’s a fair question from someone who knows nothing of the industry, but as we know, the FDA’s regulations have only done the opposite in terms of help public health.

One of the many points that Sen. Murray brings up is the marketing of flavored ecigarette products to teens and children. She brings up the fact that flavors like “gummy bear, & cookies and cream” are sold on the market, and asks why Goetlieb doesn’t agree with the full ban on flavors of non-tobacco products. Goetlieb brings up how there’s a line between getting users off of tobacco alternatives, and direct marketing to children, and he will work hard to ensure that line is drawn. This is a breathe of fresh air, as it means Goetlieb not only agrees that vapor products help transition smokers away from traditional tobacco, but also that flavors are an important aspect of this. He also names these products “harm reduction” products, which again, is another breath of fresh air. The man knows his shit, and hopefully this will lead to more good news for vaping. I will remain skeptical, as with anyone associated with the new Trump administration. But for now, it’s safe to say the head of the FDA knows the importance of vaping in society to help rid the world of tobacco.



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