MixTips: JF Milk Chocolate – A few RY4’s

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JF Milk Chocolate

In the video I take a look at Jungle Flavors new Milk Chocolate offering. Due to the fiasco of the INW Formulation scenario, I was left in a really big pickle. Two of the concentrates I sold contained INW Milk Chocolate, and its new formulation has pretty much rendered it useless. It tasted of band-aids, and a substitute needed to take place. The heavens above answered my calls, and sent down JF Milk Chocolate. This flavoring makes for a wonderful substitute. Check the video to see my full thoughts, and be sure to keep an eye out for the inevitable Flavorbook entry.

A Few RY4’s

The next topic in this video is on RY4’s. I recently did an entire article on RY4’s, diving deeply in each of the manufacturers flavorings, finding not only the differences, but the similarities between them all as well. It’s safe to say that TFA’s RY4 Double is still king of the RY4’s for now. But this also doesn’t mean that it’s perfect in every scenario. Check the video to see my thoughts, or head over to the article here to see a more indepth analysis with recipes and research.



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