Recipe Critique (LIVE): Razz by Ghettotrout


The Recipe


NOTE: Ghettotrout Recommends at least a 3 week steep. This recipe is based right off a shake


The flavor of this recipe is quite interesting. The blend between the Apricot and Raspberry creates an oddly vivid, yet unique flavor that I haven't had before. There is unfortunately an earthy note that comes with it that distracts from the rest of the vape. But the combination of Apricot and Razz will surely give those who love more deep flavors a delicious vape. There isn't so much a creamy flavor in this recipe. The introduction of those fruits seem to completely over power those creams, which is odd considering the amount of heavier creams in the recipe. The fruit flavors seem balanced which is great, but unfortunately as a shake and vape, the creams are slightly under toned. Overall, I think the flavor is interesting and some what alluring, but just isn't for me personally. I feel the flavor could've done much better with a different choice of flavorings such as FA Apricot, and FW White Chocolate. Both much better flavorings in every category. A bit more fine tuning can really highlight the interesting combo of apricot and razz without being distracting. 


The recipe is quite innovative and risky. For one, using INW Raspberry AND TFA White Chocolate in a recipe, is quite risky in itself. So many have issues with these flavorings, and luckily for me, I did not taste any of their peppery, or fragrant off notes. But the recipe innovates with its apricot and raspberry combination. Again, the flavorings together create something very interesting and unique. The flavors together some how create their own "fruit". It's just unfortunate the recipe distracts away from this rather than use it to its advantage by highlighting it. 


And the last note is on accuracy. Ghettotrout states his recipe "Tastes like ripe raspberries drizzled with sweet apricot infused heavy cream topped off with some shredded velvety white chocolate. It isn't very forward with the raspberries..." Unfortunately I do not share the same sentiments. The recipe to be is a slightly muddied Apricot & Raspberry blend, distracted by too much earthiness and off notes, with a subtle, yet muted, cream foundation. The raspberries don't have any of their natural "brightness", and the TFA Sweet Raz brings an earthiness that's far too distracting to me. I think harnessing the INW Raspberry would've fared better, with a brighter Apricot like FA Apricot, could've reached the profile he was going for. Overall, the accuracy is just a miss. 


4 / 10


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