Cuprian: Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream (REVISED)


MIX AT 60VG // 40PG
STEEP: Shake and Vape

Creamy Mint Ice Cream Speckled with Milk Chocolate Chips


If you're a fan of Mint Chocolate Chip but have been upset about the lack of eliquids or recipes out there, this is the ONLY one you'll need. This recipe was one that was in production for almost 9 months. Through massive amounts of trial and error, discouragement, and searching for perfect ingredients, finally one of my best and most authentic recipes have emerged. This recipe is a creamy mint ice cream flavor, perfected, with a sprinkle of milk chocolate chip to add a level of authenticity not yet seen in a recipe. 






The Story:

So this recipe is easily the recipe that took the longest for me to create. A whopping 9 months in production. I was given this task by a supporter who purchased the "Recipe Service". I explained to him that the recipe was very difficult and I couldn't be sure how long it would take me to create, and that he might be disappointed if he chose this profile. He said to take as long as possible as he never had a mint chocolate chip recipe or eliquid that he enjoyed, and that if anyone was going to do it, it was me. So I took the challenge and immediately went to work. I went through dozens and dozens of ideas, ratios, and flavorings, all to no avail. I didn't think this recipe was going to be possible. I either kept getting that quintessential band-aid flavor from the chocolates I was using, or getting off notes that were throwing the recipe out of balance. I went through every flavoring company from TFA to Medicine Flower, all in hopes in finding a chocolate that could pair well with the cream. Finally I found the INW Milk Chocolate flavoring and knew this recipe would finally be possible. After a few more weeks of playing with ratios, balancing the recipe, I was able to come up with this. My most proud, most authentic, and maybe most addicting, recipe I've ever created. After the batch that would be this recipe, I knew I had struck gold and that anyone who's been dissatisfied with the mint chocolates out there would love this recipe. So here you go, mixers. This is the recipe. Just remember that ANY profile is possible, if you just stick with it and keep refining.


Flavor Notes:

FW Creme De Menthe: This is the flavoring that makes up the base of the recipe. It's the Mint Ice Cream base. It needs help in a lot of areas which is why you see other flavorings like meringue and marshmallow, but it does a great job of creating that, not-so-icy, mint cream flavor that comes with a mint chocolate chip ice cream. It's excellent. TFA's offering is quite similar though I find FW's a bit more sweet and a bit more pleasing in terms of the cream profile. 

TFA Meringue: This flavoring boosts that Creme De Menthe into the ice cream stratosphere. It adds just enough to the recipe to really make that dairy note pop out and is much needed. With out this flavoring you'll find the Creme De Menthe lacking that ice cream "thickness" and also that slight and subtle buttery element. This puts it in there. Keeping it low allows the Menthe to not be over burdened. 

CAP Marshmallow: This is the ingredient that really bonds the chocolate and creme de menthe. I found this out by accident when I added it in instead of another flavoring in an original batch. I noticed how the marshmallow's sweetness perfectly accompanies INW Milk Chocolate while also giving a nice "ice cream" mouth-feel to the entire mix. 

TFA Vanilla Bean Ice Cream: Obviously this adds the ice cream. But it doesn't do so in the way that you'd think it does. Creme De Menthe is quite creamy on it's own, and I could've gotten away with just using it. But there's no vanilla in it, and without that vanilla your ice cream feels a bit thin, and more reminiscent of a pillow mint. So adding this in adds a nice thick cream foundation along with the vanilla to really bring the ice cream to authentic levels. 

^^^The flavorings above create a delicious Mint Ice Cream Flavor that can be used solo or with other toppings^^^

INW Milk Chocolate: This is the chocolate chips for the recipe. Now the recipe is so perfectly balanced, that the chocolate might seem high, but it isn't. It's beautifully laid in and you get the chocolate on the end of the vape, where the mint ice cream comes in the front. This is because of how INW's Milk Chocolate is created and allows to be layered with precision. This took the longest to figure out, and I've went through dozens of different chocolates. Luckily I landed on this one and found it's "milk" content in the chocolate pairs perfectly with the mint ice cream foundation. This cannot be substituted for any other chocolate, this is the only one that works. 

TFA Milk Chocolate: Unfortunately, with INW changing their formula for their once amazing milk chocolate, TFA Milk Chocolate is the next choice. This milk chocolate is subtle, but in the context of this recipe, sits nicely in the background, giving the "essence" of chocolate. The recipe still is as delicious as before, just now with a little less presence of chocolate the original had. 

TFA Sweetener:  Now I know some are thinking "why is Wayne using so much sweetener all the time in his recipes". Well again, we're working with chocolate and in order for the chocolate to appear more authentic, it needs to land on the palate. This is what the sweetner does, and without it, you're not getting the same experience. It bring that chocolate right to the tongue. But it's also essential to have this sweetness in the ice cream base, and without the sucralose, the ice cream base doesn't have the same authenticity. It's just how it works. Ice cream itself is loaded with sugar, and to mimic that, a touch of sweetener goes a long way. The EM inside this also helps bring that Creme De Menthe more forward, while helping that Meringue turn into a less nutty/more dairy flavoring. Trust me, you want this in there. (Erythritol works great as well, just be sure to balance correctly).