New ENYAWREKLAW Concentrates Added to ECX!


Brand New!

Brand new ENYAWREKLAW Concentrates by DIYorDIE, over at Only $9.99 for 30ml's of concentrate which makes 200-300mls, and $29.99 for 120mls of concentrate which makes up to 1200mls of juice.



The underground Peanut Butter recipe released during the Reddit Blackout on /r/DIY_EJuice. The flavor is a rich and textured peanut butter throughout the entire vape, with soft notes of deep caramel and brown sugar, all laid on a foundation of graham cracker A lot of people are going to be happy this is available as a concentrate as its a favorite to many. Get the Recipe Here


This is the Chocolate Milkshakes recipe. Due to high demand we've decided to release it in the US as well. Chocolate milkshakes is a super creamy milkshake vape, laid in with vanilla bean and dairy notes. What makes the recipe is the blended chocolate within it that creates a rich MILK chocolate flavor. Something many chocolate miss. Get the Recipe Here. 


This is one of the rare fruit/candy recipes DIYorDIE has released, and is one of my favorites. Modeled after a Mixed Berry SSips. This recipe is hard to explain if you've never had that beverage. It's got a Candy Raspberry body, that is blended in with sweet strawberry, and has notes of apple, boysenberry, and blueberry thrown around in it. What you're left with is a sweet candy like flavor that's addicting and quenching. Get the Recipe Here

Rose Milk

This is an unreleased recipe. A strawberry & cream recipe that I've finally deemed as "finished". Everyone knows Strawberry and Cream is my ADV, and this is the exact recipe that I've been vaping for the last few months now. A sweet, artificial, candied strawberry laid into a blend of milk, cream, and vanilla bean cheesecake. This Recipe Has Not Been Released Yet. 

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