Recipe Critique (LIVE): Lambo Juice by Mark Burton

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The flavor of this recipe is its best asset. Mark did a great job of creating a recipe that's "charming" and the recipe contains a ton of character, something many mixers forget to input into their recipes. Mark claims the recipe tastes similar to Hawk Sauce by Mount Baker Vapor, though I disagree and personally think it tastes more like Hobbes Blood from The Vapor Chef. Note, I haven't had either juice in many years, so what do I know. But the reason I bring that up is because the recipe has a very distinct flavor that I can't quite explain in words, or relate to anything else. The way the blueberry mends with the honeydew is awesome and creates such an interesting flavor. And then comes in the kiwi to give the recipe a slightly tart lift. The cream on the end of the vape is nice as well and doesn't interfere with the interesting flavor profile. One thing I have noticed is that when I vape it, I tend to taste the recipe differently each time. I can vape it and taste more honeydew in one rip, and the next I taste more of a blueberry presence. This is awesome and I love recipes that pack vapability, and excitement. I will say that the honeydew does seem to overpower the mix a bit, making the recipe feel a bit imbalanced. It's just a super strong flavor and tends to do that. Overall though, the vape is for sure something candy/fruit/melon heads could vape all day. And those who love Hawk Sauce and Hobbes Blood type vapes will love this recipe. 


Much of the recipe innovates in its main profile. There's nothing really groundbreaking about the blueprint, or the way the recipe was developed. But the flavor is quite unique and interesting and that needs to be said. I enjoy the "out of the box" thinking on the fruits used. Not many take these specific fruits and blend them up, so there is a bit of innovation there. But the flavor really only relies on its fruits, and there's nothing too unique about that. 


Now in this type of recipe, there's nothing to really gauge the accuracy on. It's not like the recipe tackles a specific flavor that's already out there in the world. So we need to gauge the accuracy on what the creator says it is. And Mark doesn't say much in that area. I taste all the notes within the recipe. I get the blueberry, honeydew, and kiwi. And the entire recipe sits upon a nice cream that I can surely taste. So in that aspect, yeah, he nailed it. But what isn't present in accuracy, needs to make up for it in its flavor. And fortunately for Mark, he was able to accomplish that. Good job, Mark. This is a great vape that I'm sure many will love to vape. 


8 / 10


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