Join The DISCORD! (Mixers Chat Room)

The Mixers Lobby

Discord is an awesome chat app that was developed with gamers in mind, but is suitable for any type of chatting situation. It’s a great app where you can break the server down into channels, all users have their own flair and personality, you can assign different roles to do different thing, and the automods make moderating easy. It didn’t take long for the DIYorDIE Team to take Discord on and create our own server.

DOWNLOAD THE CHAT HERE (Mobile Chat Available Through App Stores)


The Discord is one of the best places on the internet to get a hold of a mixer, obtain relationships, collaborate, bounce ideas and flavor notes off eachother, trade recipes, and talk about any other hobbies and interests you might have. The DIYorDIE Server is broken down into a bunch of channels. The main channels are the Lobby, the Gaming channel, n00b-room, the Mixers Notebook, and the Recipe Book. These channels have the most traffic and are constantly filled with mixers conversing about their newest flavors or recipes. These are also the best places to meet new mixers and collaborate. Other channels include one for the live podcasts, vaping hardware, alltheflavors, Food and Sprits, Artistry and Hobbies, and a NSFW Lobby that you should enter at your own risk. These other channels are a bit more specific but still contain tons of activity where you can talk about anything on your mind. The entire server is this living breathing lifeform filled with new ideas and fun topics. I highly encourage everyone to give it a look and make some new friends. If anything, it’s the best place to directly get in contact with some of the best mixers in the world.

(Please read the rules of the server before commenting. All rules in the server are consistent throughout all DIYorDIE Social platforms. If you break the rules in one, and get banned, you are banned from all other social outlets. Please just be respectful and you should have no issues)


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