The Daily Mix [3/15/17]


High Nic Flavor: Does Higher Nicotine Affect Our Flavors?

Nicotine, the bloodline of our hobby. What is so interesting about nicotine is the different levels of nicotine all seem to settle on. I've seen people who consistently drip 12mg, and I've seen people tank 1mg. Some people have increased their nicotine intake, and some have dropped to almost nothing. Some have even left the compound completely. But there are a group of vapers that constantly feel left out in the eliquid world. And that's the high nic vapers. Those who vape more than 6mg are often hard pressed to find eliquids that cover their required nicotine level. And if you're a vaper who vapes more than 12mg, you're extremely limited. So it's not surprising that many of these higher nic'ed fellows have moved to making their own eliquids to fill their quotas. But how does higher nicotine concentrations affect flavor? Does it affect it at all? Are there different variables that come up with higher nic? This article will cover our research on this topic. [MEMBERS ONLY]


Beginner Blending: Ep. 44 - What's  Going On (ONLY VIDEO)

Check out the latest episode of Beginner Blending HERE. Unfortunately for those who listen to the show on a replay, or on their podcatchers, the Beginner Blending crew did not record an audio only portion of the show. The only way you can catch this episode is to hit the link and watch via youtube. There are apps out to play youtube videos in the background of your phone if you want to listen on a commute. Otherwise, you'll have to wait till next week. Apologies!



Mixing Is Easy (Beginner Article)

One thing I want to get across to every vaper out there, is that mixing is easy. It’s not difficult one bit. In fact, it’s easier than cooking, it’s easier than learning an instrument, and it’s definitely easier than learning a new language. If I were to rank mixing eliquid on a scale from 1 to 10, I’d rate it a 2. The act of mixing, involves literally no skill. All you need to know is how to look at numbers, and pour things slowly. I guess following directions is needed as a skill as well. Also, a touch of creativity, and I mean a just a tiny touch of creativity, will go a very long way in this hobby as well. But the bulk of the work, all the leg-work, is easier than whipping up some lunch. As long as you understand the basics of mixing, you have the entire flavor library of vaping at your fingertips.


Breaking Down Flavors (Video + Article)

Following the link is the video I made on the topic of breaking down flavors. This video is aimed at beginner/novice mixers who are looking to jump into the world of recipe development. The video goes over many important aspects of breaking down flavor profiles, gives examples of ways to do it with specific flavorings, and talks about its importance for future recipe development. Watch the video or check the notes below to get a good understanding of this skill that many experienced mixers look to master.

Mr. Hardwicks Season Finale

Make sure you head through the link to listen to the last episode of Mr. Hardwicks Radio Show, for this season. The episode talks a little more about the ongoing recipe theft situation, give some flavour notes on a bunch of newly tested Nicvape flavours, and discuss the future of the show. Mr. Hardwicks Radio Show will not be back on for a few months. Joel is taking this time to develop a much more concise and informative show meant to showcase the emerging vaping market in the booming South Africa. Wish him well for now as he'll be back at it before you know it!


(CAP) Double Apple

Capella has really done wonders with their Double Apple. It's not a perfect flavor and there are many flaws with the ingredient, but it contains a great flavor with just the right amount of sweetness. Not too mention the extremely interesting texture that comes with it. Head over  to the Flavor Book to read its newest entry and see if CAP Double Apple is right for you and your recipes. 


Extracted: Ep. 11 - How To Make It In Mixing

In this new special 1 hour long Extracted, I break down the trials and tribulations of being a "career mixer". I talk about all the mistakes I've made and tell you how not to make them. I bring up specific techniques that can get you the exposure you need to bring on the big time clients. I talk about the importance of contracts as well as the importance of staying connected to the community. And there's much more jam packed into this new episode. Be sure to give it a listen! (MEMBERS ONLY) 

The Gaia RDTA Review

Following the link is my new review of the Gaia RDTA by Cthulhu Mods. This is a company that produced two great atomizers I've purchased before, that unfortunately were rendered useless only a week later. This left a bad taste in my mouth with Cthulhu. But for some reason I'm giving them one last chance to redeem themselves with their latest, Theorem inspired RDTA, The Gaia. Check out the full review for images of the Gaia, a full breakdown of its best features, and a list of its worst. 


The Verge Needs Your Comments...NOW!

So I awoke to one of the more infuriating videos released by a leftist propaganda "news" outlet. This one, subtlety titled "Vaping isn't cool (or good for you)". I shit you not, that's what they named their video.  The video stars a guy who does nothing but point out old outdated articles claiming vaping's minimal at best side effects. He then goes on to trash the community speaking about the rise of "vaping culture" by showing vaping montages and clips of the now infamous Vape Capitol World Series of Cloudchasing. Actually, the points on vape culture is a valid argument, but unfortunately it's completely negated when the Verge fails to point out the falling smoking rates in every category, directly related to the technology. Anyways, if you do watch the video be sure to do so with your adblocker on as to not give them any views or ad revenue. 


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