Mixing is Easy (DIY E-liquid Tips)



One thing I want to get across to every vaper out there, is that mixing is easy. It’s not difficult one bit. In fact, it’s easier than cooking, it’s easier than learning an instrument, and it’s definitely easier than learning a new language. If I were to rank mixing eliquid on a scale from 1 to 10, I’d rate it a 2. The act of mixing, involves literally no skill. All you need to know is how to look at numbers, and pour things slowly. I guess following directions is needed as a skill as well. Also, a touch of creativity, and I mean a just a tiny touch of creativity, will go a very long way in this hobby as well. But the bulk of the work, all the leg-work, is easier than whipping up some lunch. As long as you understand the basics of mixing, you have the entire flavor library of vaping at your fingertips.

The Supplies

The first thing beginners need to know is where and what to purchase. Coming into the hobby, half the battle is gathering the weapons. In this case, our weapons are flavorings and base. But I don’t like to tell mixers to go out and starting loading up their carts with random flavorings. Find a few recipes on line that are highly rated, and flavors you think you’ll like, and get the flavorings needed to make those. Also, pick up some VG/PG/ and Nicotine. 100mg nic is the easiest to work with, as you only need a tiny amount, and it’s no different working with 100mg nic compared to, let’s say a 36mg nic. The process and safety needed is both the same. So in my opinion, just grab the 100mg nic. It’ll last you longer and is much cheaper in the long run. I personally like to tell people to purchase their flavorings from Ecigexpress.com or Bullcityflavors.com if you’re in the US, and chefsflavours.co.uk if you’re in the UK. Your VG/PG/NIC I like to send people to Liquidbarn.com or VapersTek.org. Both have very high quality nicotine and bases that’ll last you a long time without worry. If you’re looking to really streamline the process of mixing you can purchase the my own ENYAWREKLAW Concentrates (which are used exactly like regular flavorings) and grab yourself some pre-mixed base. Oh yeah, you’re probably going to want some bottles to mix in, if you haven’t cleaned out some old ones before. Grab them at any of the DIY shops listed as well, and might as well grab a few syringes just for safe measure. Never know when one might come in handy. Next, Go download this eliquid calculator, or if you want a better, more curated eliquid calculator and recipe site, just head over to alltheflavors.com and set up an account. And lastly, buy this scale right here (make sure it’s the 0.01g variant). Boom you’re done, now the fun part.

The Recipes

Once that mailman comes, find a spot in your house where you can comfortably sit and have some room for all your supplies. Place your scale right in front you, and fire up that recipe calculator. Place your empty bottle on top of the scale, turn it on so it says 0 on the scale with the bottle on it, and get the flavorings you need for the recipe you’re going to make as well as your VG/PG/NIC. If you’re unsure how to use an eliquid calculator just watch this quick video here and I tell you exactly how to do that.


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Plug in the values for the recipe you want to mix, and drip each ingredient into your bottle until you’re done. After that, give it a really thorough shake. Shake it enough so that the eliquid becomes opaque in color and you can’t see through it. And that’s it. You’re done. You created your first eliquid. And that’s exactly how you create ANY eliquid. That’s how EVERYONE creates eliquid. There’s no other process. It’s easy as that. You’re done. You now have the entire flavor world of vaping ready for you.

The Art

So lastly I want to talk about the “art” of vaping. Mixing and crafting your own recipes is a bit more difficult. And crafting recipes that are complex, innovative, and popular, is extremely difficult. It takes much practice, much testing, and a ton of patience. Almost ALL of the work relies on your knowledge of each flavoring. Think of each flavoring as a different color, and learning how to use and blend those colors with others is vital. This is where you’ll have the most fun as well. Crafting your own unique recipes, that have your own sense of style, becomes very fulfilling. That feeling you get when you create your own all-day-vape is something that cannot be matched in vaping. Knowing you nailed that perfect flavor you’ve always wanted, and realizing you’ll never have to pay full price for the exact vape you want. It’s almost as good as a feeling as creating a recipe that hits big, and becomes quite popular amongst the community. But all these rewards come at a price, and that price is time. If you’re willing to take that time, then the sky’s the limit. But if not. If you’re not interested in taking your mixing that far, then have no fear. Hundreds of thousands of recipes are out there waiting for you to mix up, completely for free. And more keep coming. So learning the basics of mixing is all you need to break the chains of the commercial market. And I promise. Once you do, there’s no going back to buying overpriced, over-sweetened, simple flavored trash for more than a dollar a milliliter.


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