Those Degenerate Vapers…

A PR Problem

After reading the Vice article, where ex-smokers were aimlessly bashed for choosing a healthier lifestyle, one of the more targeted points stuck with me. It wasn't the fact the study the article was based around was made using Twitter stats. It wasn't the dismissing of the high success rate of cessation because "they just vape for flavor." It was ultimately the part of the article where the writer claimed that vapers were "the worst people you know." After that, I felt the need to point out that some of the worlds largest and brightest stars use this tech to quit their bad habits as well. 


As you can see, some pretty big names are out there vaping. And they're not using little inconspicuous devices like the gas station cigalike many see. No, they're using full on open system devices, complete with RDA's or RTA's, and filled to the brim with their favorite flavor. Now I understand many do not care who vapes, or what people think of them for vaping... I get that. The point of this is to ease the mind of those who are looking to quit smoking using these products, but might be a bit more self-conscious than others. The image around vaping is terrible, and many vapers know this. But the effectiveness of the devices are indisputable, and there's scientific proof that vaping is over 97% safer than traditional tobacco. So the only thing that would hold someone back from making the switch is the public "stigma" as being classified a vaper, or worse...a "cloud-chaser."  Well, I don't know about you, but the coolest mother fucker on the planet is Samuel L. Jackson, with Tom Hardy being a close second, Leo in third, then drop Daryl on top of them, and put Captain Jack Sparrow on the end. And they all vape, but more importantly, all reap the rewards of a smoke free lifestyle thanks to vaping. 




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