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Volume, fullness, "fluffiness", thickness, all these terms have one thing in common and it has to do with how the vapor feels when being vaped. Have you ever vaped a really good, rich custard, where the vape felt heavy in your mouth? Almost as if you were eating a big spoonful of it. Have you ever had an ice cream vape where the vapor filled your mouth with its creamy richness? Or maybe you've had a cotton candy, or whipped cream vape that felt light yet "filling" as you vaped it. That is volume. Check out the article to dive deeper into what makes Volume so important.

PRY4-U (Rev 2.6):  A Variant

Remixing, updating, tweaking, changing, whatever the word is, is something all of us mixers do when it comes to our recipes, or recipes from others. It's just in our nature to keep tweaking and changing things until we reach that illusive "perfect" mix. I mean think about it, how many times have you've gone back to an old recipe of yours to try and make it "better", only to end up going in a completely different direction that you first intended. I know I do. I have about 400 different Strawberry & Cream recipes where none of them reach the "perfect" flavor I'm looking for. And I don't think I will ever get there. Learning to say "done" was a skill that took me a long time to learn. This article is my variant on my original PRY4-U recipe that adds more caramel as well as rich cookie into the recipe. Is it a winner? Check the article for the full recipe and flavor notes that go with it. 


(TFA) Honeysuckle - Flavorbook Entry

TFA Honeysuckle is an amazing flavoring that was best introduced to me during the DOD World Mixers Competition, through contestant ID10-T's finale recipe, Longing. Click here to see his recipe. Upon further investigation of the flavoring I found out just how good that flavoring really is and the amount of opportunity that comes with it. With notes of Strawberry, Rose, Dragonfruit, and even Apple, it's a flavoring that packs more of a fruit punch than a fragrant one. Check out the full analyses here to find out all there is to know about TFA Honeysuckle. 

Beginner Blending Ep. 43 

Check out the latest Beginner Blending podcast, which you can now view on YouTube, or your traditional methods. We discuss Jerry's adventure to ECC. A little bit of gaming. A little bit of tech. A little bit of mixing, and suggestions for beginners to get their mixes tested by others.


Vice Continues to Think Vaper's Are "...the worst people you know"

An article on written by dimwitted Katherine Gillespie talks on a study that analyzed vaping Twitter users to find out "why people vape." The first paragraphs states "no one knows why vaping is popular" leaving out the most obvious answer, because it fucking works. Just goes to show you the mental capacity of the millennial bloggers over at the once-highly-regarded Vice. Other great quotes from the article are "I'm not saying that this kind of person would wear a fedora, but I'm also not not saying that"  and "Tragically, the majority of vapers that year were vaping because they thought they looked cool doing so. The data does not lie." It's a complete hatchet job against a community of tobacco cessation device users, in order to drum up attention and likes for their corporate overlords (something they claim to be so heavily against). There's really nothing of substance that comes from this piece. It's all name calling and social ranking that defamed Vice in the first place and put Trump into office. I just thought you should know who wrote the piece and the twitter handle to aim your concerns on. In closing I'm not saying Katherine Gillespie looks like a turtle with down-syndrome, but I'm also not not saying that either. 

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