Vice Continues to Think Vaper’s “…are the worst people you know”


An article on written by dimwitted Katherine Gillespie

talks on a study that analyzed vaping Twitter users to find out "why people vape." The first paragraphs states "no one knows why vaping is popular" leaving out the most obvious answer, because it fucking works. Just goes to show you the mental capacity of the millennial bloggers over at the once-highly-regarded Vice. Other great quotes from the article are "I'm not saying that this kind of person would wear a fedora, but I'm also not not saying that"  and "Tragically, the majority of vapers that year were vaping because they thought they looked cool doing so. The data does not lie." It's a complete hatchet job against a community of tobacco cessation device users, in order to drum up attention and likes for their corporate overlords (something they claim to be so heavily against). There's really nothing of substance that comes from this piece. It's all name calling and social ranking that defamed Vice in the first place and put Trump into office. I just thought you should know who wrote the piece and the twitter handle (@kattgillespie) to aim your concerns on. In closing I'm not saying Katherine Gillespie looks like a turtle with down-syndrome, but I'm also not not saying that either. 




  1. lol….. I’m not saying I agree with the ‘turtle with down-syndrome’ comment……. but I’m not not saying it either :)
    Someone should also hand her a hairbrush…… maybe some shampoo………

  2. The pursed lips indicate contempt. The poor hygiene indicates laziness. These are two really poor characteristics in a journalist.

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