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For Honor, fighting, MOBA, Muso, Medieval, game with RPG elements released on all platforms, is taking the game world by storm with it's extremely complex and deep (not to mention amazing) fighting mechanics and beautifully mastered natural progression. But it's not perfect, and the game is plagued with many issues that really hurt its overall play-ability. Check out the review for the full analysis and see if it's worth your money. 

Beginner Blending Ep. 43


Beginner Blending has been having a rough time lately. The show has been having technical difficulties that has been kicking the show off until much later in the night. They apologize for any inconvenience. One issue the show had last week was not getting Mixlr to work (to their defense Mixlr has updated and now SUCKS). So instead of cancelling the show, they just held the show on Youtube which you can check out here. 

Is Mixing For Everyone?


DIY E-liquid Mixing is constantly under criticism. Many people believe that it's too much work, takes too much time, is too expensive up front, and doesn't produce as high a quality as to what you can buy in the shop. This article takes each one of those arguments and breaks them down. Long story short, DIY may not be for EVERYONE, but it's certainly for a lot more people than many think. Check out the article here. 

The Most Important Rule In Mixing


Flavor is the only thing that matters in DIY eliquid mixing. This new video which you can check out here, explains more. Many beginning mixers, and many advanced mixers as well, fall into the trap of thinking that a more complex and advanced recipe automatically means its a good recipe. And vice versa with simple, easier to understand recipes being bad recipes. This is simply not true and this video explains why. 

Extracted - Realism vs Abstraction

Challenging what we know as flavor and traditionally "good" recipes is something I want to see more of, if it's even possible.  Is it possible to create "good" vapes by using unorthodox artistic movements? In this episode I talk about Realism, Hyper-realism, and Traditionalism vs Abstraction, Modern, Post-Modern, and Contemporary art in both the traditional art world and in Eliquid Mixing. Check out the episode here


DIY E-liquid Mixology FlavourArt Interview

Jen Jarvis, operator of the DIY E-liquid Mixology channel and partner over at the MixLife app with Kopel and Ckemist, has released a new interview with FlavourArt North America CEO Shaun B. Casey. This is a great interview to see how one of the largest flavoring companies in the world works, and what the CEO thinks of DIY eliquid mixing as well as the state of the industry. Check out there video here, and don't forget to subscribe to Jenn's channel to show your support for DIY E-liquid content creators. 


Big Tobacco Sponsoring Pro-Vaping Studies


An article headed by the strong liberal news outlet, Huffington Post, talks about how Big Tobacco will be "taking over the e-cigarette industry." Healthline, Huffpost's health section of the site writes, "A recent study, funded by British American Tobacco used 3-D modeling to compare the inflammation in the lungs from e-cigarettes and regular cigarettes." They then go on to state that the study shows a drop in lung inflammation with e-cigarettes, and how these studies will allow Big Tobacco to break into the market with their newer set of products. We all saw the IQOS device and how Big Tobacco is going all in on these devices, and it makes sense when looking at how they will try to skirt around the issues of regulations. I encourage you to read the entire article as it brings up many interesting points, as well as show off BT's playbook. ChurnMag, an excellent vaping news website, wrote a great rebuttal to the findings that I also recommend you take a look at. 

Indiana Votes to Reform Vaping Regs


An article over at written by Matt Rowland,  talks about how the Indiana Senate has voted 49-1 to reform the terrible vaping regulations it passed earlier last year. states "If approved, the only thing standing in its way is a signature from Governor Eric Holcomb, the successor to Mike Pence..." If the vaping industry in Indiana is able to reform these laws, it will drastically change the landscape of the market in the state and is much needed. Give the article a read. 

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