New Jersey PASSES Bill that BANS Flavors in Vaping Products


One Step Closer

New Jersey just held a meeting with its health committee on bills (S298/A3704) over in Trenton. Bill A3704, which is headed by the completely CORRUPT Assemblyman Herb Conaway, JR (D-Burlington), is touted as "the death of vaping in New Jersey." The reason being the specific language of banning flavored tobacco products. According to the bill "There has been a proliferation of flavored cigarettes and flavored electronic smoking devices in recent years, and many of these products have fruit, chocolate, or other flavors that are particularly attractive to children." This is of course just a cover up for the state's failing budget, mismanaged finances, and an attempt at try to infuse the state with a blip of income to allow for more funds to be squeezed out and handed over to the bureaucrats in office. Unfortunately for vapers in NJ, the bill passed the committee, 7 - 2. This means the bill moves to its next step in its process, and closer to the destruction of thousands of jobs in the state. An article on states "Kevin Roberts, a former spokesman for Gov. Chris Christie who now represents Logic Technology, the nation's third-largest supplier of e-cigarettes, said Monday that the bill goes against "public health goals and would undoubtedly push countless individuals back toward conventional cigarettes and their known harms.""

Ulterior Motives

Thanks to the work of Tristian Thompson of Convicted Vapes, a YouTube channel host and vapor advocate, this simple graphic shows the real motivation behind CORRUPT Assemblyman Herb Conaway JR's actions.  

Of course the motives are financial. Looking at the MSA (Master Settlement Agreement), we can see how much debt New Jersey owes to Big Tobacco companies. The amount of money NJ has taken from Big Tobacco in order to fund their failed projects, failed infrastructure, and failing government is enough to warrant a complete ban on any product that threatens the money coming in from these Big Tobacco companies. One can only wish that this type of corruption is enough to get the people to make a stand against the forces who control our tax dollars.