MixTips: The Top Note (Beginner DIY Ejuice Tutorial)

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Main Profiles

The first thing that needs to be understood is the Main Profile. The main profile is the overall flavor that is portrayed to the audience. For example, my Bronuts recipe; the main profile is Chocolate Glazed Doughnut. That description encompasses the overall flavor I want to portray to the vaper. Another example is Mother’s Milk. The main profile is Strawberry Milk. So the main profile is always the entirety of what the flavors inside are doing.

The Top Note

Now with that understanding, the top note is the first flavor, the most present flavor, or the main note that you taste within the main profile. Taking the Mother’s Milk example, the top note is Strawberry. It’s the first flavor that you taste when you vape it, it’s the flavor that takes the attention, and its the one that’s most present. Where the milk in the recipe is the body, or bottom note. That top note is one of the most important aspect of the recipe because it’s the first flavor that makes the recipe identifiable. The top note is usually the main note (not main profile), which means its the flavor that is the star of the show. Also, every recipe has a top note, but not every recipe has a body, bottom, or accent notes. Some recipes can ONLY have a top note, such as single flavor recipes like a simple Strawberry recipe. The top note needs to be understood because when you get deeper into recipe development, you need to be able to understand what notes or what layers to tweak, change, or leave alone. Understanding what the top note is in your recipe, or other recipes, will help you identify more flavors within your vapes and allows you to dive deeper into your recipes. So next time you pick up some new eliquids or recipes, try your best to identify the top notes. It will only help you get more in tuned with your palate.