A New Challenger Approaches (Purilum Flavorings)


I’ve known about NicRiver since their inception and have followed them closely over the years. They main export, nicotine, is a product many have praised for its great quality at a great price. Another export they happened to have amazing prices on were flavorings. Grant Boatman, young owner of the fast rising Nicotine River, has gotten in contact with me recently. He wanted to open up a line of contact with DIYorDIE as well as show off a new project that NicRiver has engaged in. This new project is NicRiver’s own flavoring line, Purilum Flavors. He sent over Purlium’s entire line which spans an impressive 45 flavorings, and I couldn’t wait to dig in to see what they had to offer. After getting to play around with them for a bit, the only thing I can say is that I’m impressed

So Far, So Good

Now, I’ve not gotten too far into my testing of Purlium. As many of you know I like to thoroughly test my flavorings, putting them through a rigorous regime of different concentrations, different recipes and scenarios, and different steeping times. Right now, I just want to gauge whether or not I should recommend them to others to use in their DIY recipes. So far though, I’m liking what I see. One thing I want to praise Purilum on is their choice of flavor profiles. Rather than releasing tons of super simple single flavors – or on the opposite end, super abstract and unique profiles – the Purilum line consists of many profiles that people will find useful. Of course it has the usual like Strawberry, Apple, Custard. But it also goes towards the slightly complex profiles like Meringue, NY Cheesecake, and Cappuccino.  I will say that it doesn’t have ALL the main flavors you’d expect, but the line is still rather new, I don’t doubt more will come. Overall, I’m liking what NicRiver is doing. Watching these companies like NicRiver, or ECX, or LiquidBarn, jump into the flavoring game is exciting and only helps us out by giving us more tools to use. I will report back with more thoughts on Purilum as the testing continues, and the ones I am most impressed by will appear in the FlavorBook. So stay tuned and make sure you subscribe as a member to not miss any flavor notes coming out.