Cloud State Vapor: Ep. 6 – Recipe Critiquing


The show tonight was “Recipe Critiquing with CloudState” we mixed up some older recipes from the community Strawberry Shortcake Bar By Manson, Dreamsicle by Vurve and My Dude by Wayne to name a few. We broke them down, gave advice on how to make them better now that some time has passed and we saw if the hype was real with these flavors even a year later. We also talked about 2 new recipes I dropped “Juicy Juice” and “Shamrock Shake” both available on All the Flavors and how I am going to improve and tweak them with later versions. We want to make it a habit to mix up more recipes from the community to talk about what needs work and who made a bangin’ recipe. If you want to see your recipe or a recipe you have been loving from the community, send me a message on discord or shoot me and email at [email protected]. Keep Vaping, Keep Mixing, and keep improving!