The Daily Mix [2/23/17]


New MixTips!

In this new MixTips Video, I catch you all up on what’s been going on behind the scenes of DIYorDIE, the proposal and engagement, as well as some new sections on the site like the new “Daily Mix” section.


New FlavorBook Entry

A new Flavor West (FW) ingredient has been added. The new flavoring being FW Cookie Butter. This is a flavoring many have been asking about, and I've seen many new mixers ask if this was a good flavoring to purchase due to its alluring name. So I wanted to give a full breakdown of the flavor. Spoiler alert: it's quite a disappointing flavoring and misses the mark in so many areas. Check out the link to see the entry (MEMBERS)

Mr. Hardwicks Radio Show

This week the S. African scene was in the spotlight for some of it's questionable practices. We explore the topic. Check out the podcast here. 

InTheMix Podcast: The One With an Engagement (ft. Steamroom Vapes)

Tonight on InTheMix Podcast we talk about some big news, look over the weeks current events, debate about the state of the industry, and review some flavors. Check out the link to either watch the stream, or hear the audio only podcast. 



HR1136 Shop Flyers

Stefan Didak, leading member of NotBlowingSmoke a vaping advocacy group out in California, has come on to ECR to drop off a link to these flyers. These are meant to be printed and passed around shops. The information presented on the flyers include what the FDA Deeming regs aim to do, how it affects consumers and customers, how it affects vapor industry members and shop owners, as well as why HR1136 is important and its goals. It's a great piece of information that should be present on every shops counter from this point on. And if not, be sure to tell your shops about it to make the public aware of this injust fight. Click here for the PDF link, and Click Here for the JPEG to share on your social media. {provided by Stefan Didak, and /u/SirSneakyRafiki}

Steve Forbes Dropping Some Truth 

Forbes is a media outlet that I've always entrusted in to give me some sound financial news, but never really looked at them as the "world news" type. Once I dove into vaping, this has changed. Article after article that Forbes posts seems to get straight to the point, and end up on vaping's side. Now this is not due to virtue or because anyone at Forbes is a vaper. They are simply just spouting out the facts and the truth. Because of that, many of their articles are "pro-vaper" and the unjust trials and regulations the FDA has thrown upon our industry have been highlighted in many of Forbes' articles. This article by Steve Forbes himself talks about how the current presidents knack for deregulation, should aim its targets on the FDA because of their pursuit on the vapor industry. Check out the article here to read an excellent piece by one of the most respected media conglomerates in the world.