The Daily Mix [2/22/17]

Vibrancy + Saturation

A new article that was released today was that about the difference between vibrancy and saturation. The article aims more towards beginning mixers but could prove useful to advanced mixers alike. The aim of the article is to define the two terms in relations to mixing, highlight the difference between the two, and show how to benefit from that understanding to cut down tweaking and troubleshooting time in recipes. Check out the article here!



Extracted Returning NEXT WEEK

Extracted has been on a hiatus for the past couple weeks. This is due to a very busy personal life and has taken a back seat in order to get other and less strenuous posts, notes, and articles out. Extracted will begin recording tomorrow and its return will be back next week on 3/1/17. 





The South African Situation

Last week on InTheMix Podcast, I spoke about my feelings on the South African vapor market. The main talking point was the rampant recipe theft, copyright infringement, and illegitimate production of DIYorDIE & ENYAWREKLAW recipes. This has sparked some controversy over the last week. I've gotten many emails, many messages, and many comments from South African vapor companies exclaiming either their support or their protest on the opinions I had during the show. One thing that I want to make clear is that I may have worded what I wanted to say in not the best manner. I did not mean to paint the entire South African vapor community and market under one brush, and I definitely don't think of the South African vapor industry as one that's "bad" or "illegitimate." My intentions were to make the people of South African, the vapor community, aware of the issues that I personally had with a FEW of the companies there. I've had wonderful dealings with many South African companies, and I don't want people thinking any different because of my comments about a few bad eggs. So, I will be revisiting this topic tomorrow on InTheMix Podcast and will make my thoughts a bit more clear. I'm sorry to any South African's that may feel offended, I apologize. 


The Dicodes Chip

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P.Busardo has released a new video/review talking about his acquisition of the Dani and NO 6. This has brought up some interest for DIYorDIE as we've heard a lot about the Dicodes chip for quite some time. One of the mods that we've sought after for quite sometime being the Dicodes Dani Extreme v3, which is a tube mod with a Dicodes chip implanted in its body. The video Busardo puts out shows his thoughts on the Dicodes chip. He talks about the confusion on the device menus, the complex nature of the chip, but its superiority for temperature control. Check out the video and post your thoughts on the Facebook Group under the thread in which we discuss the chip. 


Flavoring Candle

And this is a picture from member Luke Loop posted on the Facebook Group. Something I've never really thought of, but looks like it could work great.